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Do certifications really lead to better jobs?

My opinion is that some do and some don't. Certainly if you reach the top of the cert tree with Microsoft or Cisco for example, you'll find yourself being head hunted by companys.

On the other hand here, my experience has taught me that you could have a CCNA, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, A+ and whatever other cert under your belt and still not be as good as the guy next door; The one who bought an old PC and a few text books and set about learning by hands on and experimenting. I learn't that way. Every now and then I've gone and studied at a Technical College to update my skills and practice what I know. I always ace these courses. The thing is, I'm still working in IT now without an industry certs and I'm doing it all on experience.

So does a cert really count towards your job prospects and future? I say no. What does everyone else think?

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Been posted many times this month

by gralfus In reply to Do certifications really ...

This same issue has been discussed many times already this month. Some feel certs do help (I am in that camp), because they get you past HR and into interviewing. Other feel that certs have lost their value due to the number of cheaters (like one of the student teachers I had who couldn't answer questions that were not pre-fab). The more you have on your plate to offer the employer, the better.

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Directly speaking

by jdmercha In reply to Do certifications really ...

Certs do not help, experience does.

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I don't know

by janko.syky In reply to Do certifications really ...

Hi, Your article is very interesting. I have almost 8 years of IT experience and have problem to find a good job in London. I don't have any certs, but lots of courses and projects in my past. Now I'm thinking to make MCSE, so I can find better job. I think that companies are looking too much for certified people.And I think that certs can help. Sometimes....

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Certifications, its value and job prospects.

by eosei In reply to I don't know

I am an MCSE, CCNA, MCP+I, MCDST and A+ certified technician in addition to a college degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. I acquired all these certifications through self-study after 4 years working experience in industry.Certifications may help you get a job depending on what the hiring manager is looking for. However, please note that working experience with certifications is a valuable combination. On the other hand, tons of certifications without any real world experience is useless. If you have tons of certifications and you compete for a job where there is real world experienced technical staff member participating in the hiring process, certifications without real world experience can easily be fished out and I bet you, you will be rejected as a candidate despite your certifications because you cannot answer real world experience scenarios during the interview. However, if the hiring company is looking for the certification such as CCNA and will train you on the job, then certified candidates may get lucky.
Thanks for reading my post.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to Do certifications really ...

certs are useless. they don't help. they don't teach you squat.

yes. you might get past an HR goon but you will get pounded on the head by the IT guy that will interview you for real when he or she hits you will a few questions that contain a healthy dose of real world reality..

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by Mikiel In reply to

Ah, but the question isn't "Do certs prove anything", "Will getting a cert teach me anything", or "Should certs be used for hiring".

The question is "Will having a cert help me get a job".

I think the hypothetical situation is that you're already smart, knowledgeable, and have a bunch of experience. Then the question is "Is it worth it for me to go out and get certified to increase my chance of getting hired?" Do employers value certs? (regardless of whether or not they should)

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Dont think it really makes any difference

by hss100 In reply to Do certifications really ...

As a contractor, I've worked for quite a few companies during my career and I've found that certifications sometimes make me a little weary if I don't see any relevant experience on the resume relating to the certification.

I've been in fortunate position of interviewing staff for my role as my contracts have ended and I've moved on. I've found that experience is the number 1 indicator of a successful candidate. I divide my technical interview questions into easy, medium and hard (customized to the role, of course) and certs don't really help when they skills are honed through experience.

I'm a successful contractor without any certs at all (I do have B.Sc in Comp Sci. though). I've worked for alot of the big names in IT and have never been seriously questions about my lack of certs.

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