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Do Dead Batteries Prevent Laptop Bootup?

By Mooktau ·
I have a Quantex N30W with a dead battery. Initially the machine still operated as long as the AC was plugged in but recently it no longer boots up. An assumption is that it has to do with the dead battery but how do I confirm without spending the $150 for a new Li-Ion battery. Thanks!!

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by colin.mac In reply to Do Dead Batteries Prevent ...

Remove the battery from the system, attah the mains lead and start her up if it still fails to boot up it could be down to anything from bad RAM to a blown circuit.

p.s. It might even be your mains adaptor tranformer that's knackered.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Do Dead Batteries Prevent ...

well, think if you 'hook to mains' you wil get 'blown fuse' alright. look up specs on battery. will tell how how many volts dc at what amps. yes, i think bad-dead battery can make dead laptop. maybe you can rig up lead acid or something just to prove good battery will fix. trust the specs. but i like idea of testing transformer. examine for stress, cuts. plug into wall, use voltmeter to measure voltage coming out (from end that goes into laptop). zippo? maybe try new wall outlet. (smile) good luck.

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by OTL In reply to Do Dead Batteries Prevent ...

Do not know the specs on this machine but with most newer machines you must have a USEABLE (not open) battery IN the machine for it to even come on. When it is plugged in does the battery charge light come on ? Is the power cord plugged into the transformer completely? Is there power to the outlet ? Is the fuse on the transformer blown ? if no, do you have power out of the transformer ? Check the output voltage from it using a standard voltmeter ($6 @ radioshack), do not use the ampere setting as this will burn up meter and possibly the transformer.

You can also check the battery. Verify it has no voltage with the voltmeter, start with highest setting and go down until you get a reading or your setting is 0 and still nothing. If you have no voltage use the ohm setting and see if it is infinite if so the battery is totally dead and must be replaced.

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by donmars In reply to Do Dead Batteries Prevent ...

If you remove the battery you should be able to boot by plugging the laptop charger into an ac outlet, you do not need to have the battery in. It is possible that if the battery is shorted out it will not boot since it won't get power and could be detrimental to your laptop! Removing the battery solves that. If the unit will not boot after battery removal then the laptop itself is a problem. Also you may have a defective ac adapter power supply. Did you consider that? Check the DC out on the plug end you plug into the laptop. Do you get any type of activity, lights hard drive sound etc, when you power up?

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by johnmaxy In reply to Do Dead Batteries Prevent ...

your dead battery has nothing to do with booting up. My laptop has a dead battery for 3 years and I can still start up, with or without the battery.
There might be other causes:
1/: do the powerlight on your laptop turns on? if not you don't get power.
2/:has anything happened with your OS? try to boot up with your OS boot disk. If this doesn't work, you're in trouble :-).... Did something go wrong woth the bios? etc...
try to find out...

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by Pocono In reply to Do Dead Batteries Prevent ...

A dead battery CAN cause the laptop not to boot up....laptop needs a power supply/source to operate.

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by chuckpaynter In reply to Do Dead Batteries Prevent ...

dead battery on mother board will cause a date time loss and a problem with cmos boot

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