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Do Firefox Add-ons Slow Firefox opening?

By GreatScot ·
The way I work, I am constantly opening and closing browsers of all types. I find that Firefox is slow to open, and it seems to be slower with add-ons.

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Bound to be somewhat slower

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Do Firefox Add-ons Slow F ...

just the dial back to check for updates will do that.
Why do you keep opening and closing them, it's not very efficient, no matter what your choices.

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of course they do

by .Martin. In reply to Do Firefox Add-ons Slow F ...

every time you open Firefox, it checks for updates... including add-ons

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Not really all that much, unless . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Do Firefox Add-ons Slow F ...

you've got lots of bookmarks, cookies & a huge history list, that will slow it down more than add-ons (unless there's a ton of add-ons installed)
also a large hosts file & plugged up DNS cache will slow it down.
I run a "no history" browser
(all cookies, session / private data etc. cleared at close and all history related settings in "about:config" set to 0 days etc.) nothing is stored about my browsing because I don't care.
If I find a site I want to go back to I create an [InternetShortcut].url text file for it.
also the windows DNS Client Service disabled on my machines;
with 6 add-ons and no history & cache it still starts in a snap on my systems even on an old Dell Dimension L433c Celeron 433MHz with 512MB of 100MHz SDRAM and Win2k it starts in only a few seconds.
I'll time it some time and see how long the browser load up is on that machine and on a faster machine.

another thing that slows broswer loading is a complex homepage(s),
set current homepage to one tab that opens a quick loading site like GMail or Google search page.

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Firefox is slow booting - that's the main reason I still use IE most

by GreatScot In reply to Not really all that much, ...

When I'm in a hurry, I can't bother waiting for Firefox to load. Almost everytime, instead of giving me a homepage, it jumps to an "update add-ons" page. So I only use it to test for compatibility or when I want to use the web developer features. Safari is pretty slow as well, although both are fine once booted. Too bad really.

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12 to 15 seconds & 6 add-ons ...

by Who Am I Really In reply to Firefox is slow booting - ...

my Firefox start time is 12 to 15 seconds (including add-on update & program update checks) on a 1999 Dell Dimension L433c Celeron 433MHz with 512MB PC100 SDRAM & win2k SP4 & Firefox 3.5.7 with:
1> NoScript
2> AdBlock Plus
3> Flashblock
4> Flagfox
5> Formfox
6> Better Privacy

you can turn those add-on & Firefox update check crap off:
a> Tools
b> Options
c> Advanced
d> Update
e> check for updates ...
f> un-check all three in the top section of the window
g> then in the bottom section "when updates are found..." change it to:
"ask me what I want to do"

- then do manual checks when your not busy like at the end of the day just before shutting down or at lunch etc.
Manual checks:
for Add-ons:
a> Tools
b> Add-ons
c> Check for updates

for Firefox:
a> Help
b> check for updates.

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That works great!

by GreatScot In reply to 12 to 15 seconds & 6 add- ...

I went from 28 seconds down to 4 seconds. Thanks for the info!

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glad to help

by Who Am I Really In reply to That works great!

sometimes the default settings just aren't the best are they

I always go searching for ways to make my OS & Apps behave properly.
ie like changing XP to Classic Mode & turning off every one of those stupid animate features.

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Firefox and AVG

by keitht7 In reply to Do Firefox Add-ons Slow F ...

This took me a while to find but read my blog for the details -

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