Do i learn java or C# to get a good job?

By talhawmz ·
I am doing my undergraduate studies in computer science and i want to learn programming to get a good job tell me which programming should i learn according to todays software industry

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Uh... that's tricky

by Slayer_ In reply to Do i learn java or C# to ...

That's a very loaded question.

To get a job, you just need a good resume to get passed the brain dead HR people that just do keyword searches.

However, a good developer should be able to sit down with any language and pick up the basics with relative ease.

Java and C# are pretty similar. It helps to know what the job market is looking for. Do you have access to any industry pros in your area you can ask?

Otherwise, I'd say learn the basics. You can always google for more advanced stuff.

So check out:
XML (And related, this can be very important as a lot of modern data handling uses XML and web services)
Javascript (especially related to HTML5)
CSS (Again, related to HTML5)
Windows 8 "Modern" apps (It is basically HTML5, but its a good keyword on your resume)
C#, VB.Net (These two are similar, but you want those keywords on your resume)
Java (Especially Android development)
Objective-C (For iOS [iPhone] development)

You may also want to look into VBA/VB6 because Macros are frustratingly common. The language is simple, but quirky.

You should also learn database languages. There are various flavors of SQL. You really only need to learn one as they are fairly similar. Then list "SQL" on your resume.

A lot of these can be learned at the w3schools website.
This is a **** of a good site, bookmark it :)

I hope this helps, good luck

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