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Do I need a domain to setup a VPN

By seew ·
I am thinking of setting up a VPN in my office network. I have a Windows 2000 Server and SCO Unix Server. The users on my network are on a workgroup not a domain. I use terminal emulation to access the database on the Unix Server. My question is do I need a domain to setup a VPN and can the remote users able to access the database on the Unix Server using terminal emulation, just as they do in the office?


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Do I need a domain to set ...

have not setup vpn so talking thru hat.
believe that you don't need a domain. just need vpn clients. and need vpn equipment to dial into. think all this should be transparent to your remote users using Unix db via terminal emulation. your ISP should be able to help or direct you more.

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by CG IT In reply to Do I need a domain to set ...

well it's a yes and no answer. Yesm, remote users can access a W2K RRAS server via a VPN connection without a domain. You can have em dial up the RRAS server with a standard old dialup moden [very costly] or you can have em use a dialup ISP like Earthlink or AOL or MSN or whatever, and initiate a VPN connection to the RRAS server without a domain as long as they have your IP address which hopefully never changes. The advantage to a domain, apart from some of the benefits a domain over a workgroup gives, like AD, is that users don't need to know the IP address, a bunch of #'s people always tend to forget, but the domain name.

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