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Do I need a new Title?

By perezvona ·
I was recently given responsibility to lead of team in a project managment capacity, the members of which have previously been superior to me and will continue to be with respect to other aspects of my job.I have working on this project for some time, but getting no cooperation from these people because I carry no authority. The solution has been to put me officially in charge of meetings and hold people accountalbe for specific tasks.

My question is: Do I need a title ( like Team Leader or Team Manager or something you may suggest) in order to really make it clear that, with respect to this project I am the leader, and the memberso of the team are answrable to me?

I appreciate any insight.

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No you don't

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Do I need a new Title?

Just exercises whatever authority you where given in a manner that tells people what you expect of them without Peeving Them Off.

After all after this finishes I'm assuming that you'll want to continue working there so if you burn your bridges now and upset others you'll have a very short Life Expediency at this place.


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No Authority?

by Charles Bundy In reply to Do I need a new Title?

I don't subscribe to the give responsibility w/o authority management model. A title won't change that, but taking the "leadership thru service" approach might work. Of course everyone needs to say yes to the question "do you want this project to succeed?"

If everyone is on board your next question should be "how can I help us succeed as a team?" Unless you have lying saboteurs the issue of folks being "answerable" to you is moot.

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Get Creative

by vineel In reply to Do I need a new Title?

This is actually quite a normal place to find yourself in. Even as a CTO, senior engineers won't necessarily defer to your title if they don't respect you personally or if they don't want to do the project. Here's where you earn a rep -- figure out what about the project is exciting or worthwhile, and sell them on it. When a senior person is convinced that something is challenging, or that it just needs doing, they'll usually do it.

Another tip is to sell one influential member of the team first, then convince the rest of the team. It helps to have a respected voice do the selling.

This is one of the weird secrets of management -- nobody really does anything because they are told to, especially in tech. People do things because they want to. Your job as a manager is to persuade them to want to do what is needed.

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