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Do I need a personal firewall?

By b99scotti ·

I am looking into purchasing a personal firewall. Can anyone tell me what I should be looking for in a firewall, what I need to understand about what firewalls can/can't do, and which ones people prefer and why?

Any advice on what settings in personal firewall need to be set, with an explanation as to why, would be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Hardware or Software - Work or Personal?

by mrafrohead In reply to Do I need a personal fire ...

If this is a personal type of thing, I would recommend using Norton Internet Security 2004 Pro - make sure you update it FULLY after install, and a hardware combo - something like a Linksys router with NAT / Firewall built in.

That will do you very well for a home environment. The router will keep the inbound traffic out, and the software firewall will keep the outbound traffic in, unless you want it to leave your box.

I like the both of those products, because they are thorough and relatively easy to setup.

If you are going to be using this in a business, I would recommend still using the NIS - but getting yourself a little beefier type of hardware setup.

Newho - hope this help, lemme know if you have more questions.


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I second that

by gralfus In reply to Hardware or Software - Wo ...

I think everyone should go with setup similar to what mrafrohead suggested. I use Zone Alarm as my software behind my Linksys because it tells me what is trying to communicate out as well as anything that might make it past the Linksys. Many problems can be stopped dead by having a hardware and software solution.

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