Do I need anti virus software installed on my pc when using cell phone?

By trh1114 ·
When using a cell phone as a modem to connect to the internet on a home pc, should anti virus software be installed on the home pc to prevent possible infections from surfing the web, or by using the cell phone as a modem does this provide protection from viruses without the anti virus software being installed?

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Do I need anti virus soft ...

no matter how you connect to the internet, you're still downloading data in some way, shape, or form and that data could be infected. We always recommend that there be an A/V installed on a pc...if you don't want to spend the cash on one, there are some decent free ones out there.
Among others...

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Reponse To Answer

by trh1114 In reply to no

Thank you so much for responding. I don't know why I was questioning myself on this, I am helping an individual connect via their cell phone but we are having difficulty in getting an A/V installed on the desktop after downloading the software from the website, I am insisting there is something going on with the PC itself as to why the installation is not taking. In the meantime someone else mentioned to the individual that they didn't need an A/V because the Cell Phone internet connection is secure and trying to download anything from the internet using this type of connection will hang the PC up everytime. I knew that didn't sound right. the PC was purchased a week ago and all ready the individual experienced a system crash, they have Windows 7 OS. I am telling them they need to return the PC, because they could have a bad OS install. Any further thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Further thought:

by seanferd In reply to Do I need anti virus soft ...

The system is already infected, or the user has installed something that causes problems with 7.

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If they have connected tot he Internet without any AV Protection

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Do I need anti virus soft ...

Their system is infected. They need to use the supplied Recovery Option to rebuild the system to As New then try again to install the AV Product.

Of course if they have a Nasty Infection they may need to wipe the HDD with something like Boot & Nuke or Kill Disc to kill the infection.


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Hmmm... it's NOT a given that the problem IS an infection...

by YoungJules In reply to Do I need anti virus soft ...

...although it's likely you'll have at least a few spyware/adware 'infections'. But we shouldn't leap to the conclusion that all your problems are now down to an infection, nor should we perpetuate the myth that 2 minutes online with an unprotected pc means you will have such a nasty infection that you'll need to remove all pcs from your house and wash the walls down with bleach! The SELLERS of A/V sw want you to think it's a big dangerous scary world out there and that if you don't pay up immediately all the viruses, trojans, infections, spyware, adware, rootkits, and the like are gonna be beating a path to your door!

I have seen recently more problems with A/V programs themselves than with actual real viruses. My approach recently has been to uninstall ALL A/V software, then install Spybot Search and Destroy for spyware/adware and MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) for your run-of-the-mill viruses.

Most machines I get in seem to have their fair share of adware/spyware and often as many as 3 or 4 AV programs, most likely all fighting with each other. When they get their machines back, users are often amazed they haven't had to buy a new pc!

Be aware that there are also rogue A/V programs out there, some of which may sound quite genuine and also be FREE, but could end up being a source of infection in themselves. Do a little research before just downloading the first A/V program you find...
First comment (PurpleSkys) is correct... you should have *some* form of protection no matter how you make the connection to the internet, but let's not allow the scaremongering by A/V vendors get too out of hand!

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Reponse To Answer

by PurpleSkys In reply to Hmmm... it's NOT a given ...

that's why i recomment the two antivirus programs that i posted. I also recomment spybot search and destroy, malwarebytes, and ccleaner...I'm not a big fan of MSE, M$'s specialty is operating systems and office software, not antivirus programs.

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a winders standard / default options installation

by Who Am I Really In reply to Do I need anti virus soft ...

should not go on the web without A/V

if you take the time to lock it down before ever connecting then you have a better chance of getting an A/V installed without getting hosed first

the standard method around here is
- with no network connection
a - setup / install OS
b - configure security settings (lock down / disable as much junk as possible)
c - copy the Anti-whatever installation files downloaded with an already protected known clean system to the new system via a CD-R / RW or write Protected SD Card
d - install and configure the Anti-Whatevers
e - make first connection to web through a wired, hardware firewall protected LAN
f - update Anti-Whatever installations to current detections
g - turn it over to the user

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