Do I need to improve on my Lan Layout?

By andrew.frogley ·
I am in charge of a small business LAN/WAN which has grown over the years and I believe is in need of a review.

Overview of the network:
1 main office with servers, 2 ADSL internet connections, 20 PCs & 3 network printers
3 remote users on Site2Site VPN (one via the main router & the others via the backup/voip router) These ppl use email & IP phones attached to our Avaya IP Office telephone system.
1 Warehouse connected via Wifi to the main office with 2 printers, 10 Pcs & 2 PocketPC devices
1/2 dozen remote users on occasional VPN via the main router for email retrieval.

The 'backbone' is a ProCurve 1600 (8x Gb port) (with layer2? VLAN capability - ie it cannot route between VLANs) and everyone who connects in on a single subnet.

The main use of the network is for Email and Telnet access to the AS400. However, there is a fair bit of intranet, internet & filesharing going on too.

I don't have much complaint about the network speed, but with continual growth I would like to at least have a plan for managing it better!

The physical layout is as follows:

ProCurve 1600
|- Unmanaged Switch PC's and Printers & Backoffice Server (as400)
|- Unmanaged Switch PC's and Printers - Gb connection
|- Main Server (Win 2003 SBS) - Gb connection
|- Firewall & group/indivudal VPN -- Internet
|- Telephone Switch & Backup/Voip ADSL line & Site2Site VPN
|- Wifi Link to Warehouse (about 50Mbs) - unmanaged switch with IP phones/PCs & Printers
|- My computer - Gb connection

Is this a reasonable set up or should I be considering VLANs/Segmentation of the network?

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