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Do I need to remove hard drive

By srinivas.jangam ·
I have a hard drive which has Linux in it. I want to delete the Linux and load Windows.So I changed the booting scource from Hard drive to CD rom where I have Windows 2000. The PC booted but still loaded LINUX. So I am thinking buy a new hard drive and install Windows. So what do I need to do to install new hard drive and how.

Thanks in advance

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by gbrownlee In reply to Do I need to remove hard ...


You do not need a new HDD unless there is an underlying problem with it.
The first thing to do is delete Linux from your drive. Change your boot sequence back to A. Create a boot floppy ( and repartition and or format using the fdisk and format commands. When this is done you are then ready to install windows.Let us know if you need step by step instruction.


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by srinivas.jangam In reply to Do I need to remove hard ...

Hi Greg

I do not have adminstrator rights of the desktop,so I do not have deletion rights of the Linux.
So can you provide me steps I need to do.

Thanks for the help

Looking forward for your reply

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by dmiles In reply to Do I need to remove hard ...

You'll need to delete the partion. You can't do this when you are booted into linux on the partition, so you'll have to boot into dos (from a floppy) or linux (from a knoppix cd or gentoo live cd for example). Then run fdisk (same in dos and linux) and remove the partition. Then install windows and it'll prompt you to create a partition for it.

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by stress junkie In reply to Do I need to remove hard ...

It seems to me that the process of booting from the CD
is the problem. For instance, if you have a music CD in
the CDROM and your boot sequence is CDROM then
HD0 the BIOS will look for a boot sector on the music
CD and naturally it won't find it. Then the BIOS will
move on to the next boot device listed in the BIOS.

So test the ability to boot from CDROM. I know that
you said that you changed the BIOS boot sequence to
have the CDROM first. Check it to be sure that it is that
way. Then put your Windows installation CD into the
CDROM drive. Then try to boot. Watch the drive active
light on the CDROM. You should see the CDROM mount
the CD. Then you should notice that the BIOS is
searching the CD for a boot sector. The drive active
light will show this when the monitor indicates that it is
booting the OS.

If that doesn't work then get a known good bootable
CD. Try the Linux installation CD for instance. If the
computer will boot this then the Windows installation
CD has a problem. If neither the Windows installation
CD nor the Linux installation CD will boot and the BIOS
is DEFINITELY set to boot from CDROM first, then the
CDROM drive may have a problem, or both of the test
CDs have the same kind of problem.

Make sure that the CDs aren't dirty or scratched.
CDROM drives read the CDs from the center to the edge
so scratches or dirt near the center would affect the
boot sector.

Please be sure to rate all of the answers provided.

Thank you.

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by wcp In reply to Do I need to remove hard ...

Boot the computer with a Windows 98 Startup disk and run

Fdisk /mbr

This will rewrite the MBR and delete Linux boot loader.

Then run Fdisk to delete Windows 2000 partition. If it is NTFS, delete non-dos partition.

If you have Windows 2000 in a logical drive in the extended partition, you cannot use Fdisk.

Please add a comment if this is the case. I will give you more help.

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by mzy In reply to Do I need to remove hard ...

From your description my immediate response is: your win2k cd is not a bootable cd. Try it on another computer to see if it boots from the cd. If no, problem solved: get a proper bootable win2k cd. If yes, then there are other problems involved.

Repartition your linux so that you have at least 2gb free space(unpartitioned) in the hard disk. Then boot up by using a win98 bootdisk, and partition the free space into FAT32, since win98 bootdisk does not recognise NTFS. Then, boot from your cd again (make sure cdrom is in first place for boot sequence, for safety you might want to even remove the HDD from boot sequence) and it should work. You can now install win2k, then install partition magic, which recognises linux partitions, to delete the linux partition. Then, repartition this FAT32 drive to include your whole HDD, or make a new NTFS partition to install win2k on it again, if you prefer win2k on NTFS partitions.

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by OTL In reply to Do I need to remove hard ...

Answer 5 is probably correct, but I must add that if the CD is not the primary boot drive in the bios then it will always boot from the HD. THUS LINUX !

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by bwells47 In reply to Do I need to remove hard ...

I totally agree with booting up to the a: drive,with a windows boot disk. fdisk, and fdisk the mbr. Than format the hard drive, and install. Set the bios to boot up to floppy. I know you are not using a music cd, cuz you said you had win2000 in the drive. Some peoples kids! ps.
type "fdisk /mbr" at the dos prompt

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