Do I really need to move to Server 2008?

By mike ·
I currently have Server 2003R2 32bit. Simple, single production server, not email or web server. I have Win7 clients (mostly) so can benfit from the additional Server 2008 GP's using GPM console via my Win7 machine. I want to have access to all 6GB of memory in my new server so I could I upgrade to Server 2003R2 64bit or Server 2008R2 64bit but cannot see any benefits from the other extra features in Server 2008. Are there any major reasons why I should not just stick with Server 2003Rs and install the 64bit version. Server 2003R2 seems rock solid.

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OH a how long is that bit of string in my pocket question.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Do I really need to move ...

Well firstly if you have a copy of the 64 Bit Version of 2003 it would have the same issues that the 32 Bit Version has with 7 and most likely be harder to find drivers for. If you do not have a copy of the 64 Bit Version of 2003 R2 you will be unlikely to be able to buy it from Microsoft. So they are the pure basic concerns except for maybe...............

Do you have any Specialised Software running from the old server?

Some Specialised software particularly Medical Type Software but I would assume many other specialist Software that runs off Servers may not have been rewritten to work on 2008. If your Software isn't Certified to run properly on 2008 then you have your hand forced and have to stick to 2003. Accounting Packages like Quick Books or MYOB shouldn't be an issue because they have large Install Bases and their makers rewrite often but smaller Software Packages may be held a long time even if you buy updates every year and not be certified for anything newer that 2003. Also any CAL's that you may have bought for the 32 Bit Version of 2003 R2 are unlikely to be usable on the 64 Bit Version and you'll have to replace those as well as the OS Platform.

However provided that you do not have any software that is not certified to work on 2008 and that your workstations are all 7 it would be a better idea to move to 2008 with a new Server because it has better Integration with the current Desktop versions of Windows and much better security. Others here may be able to tell you but I seem to remember that 2003 will not be supported much longer by Microsoft so there will be a limited time for Hot Fixes and Patches if you chose to stick to 2003, where as 2008 will have a much longer life in comparison.

Here it really depends on what it is you need to do with the server, if you have a Deal with MS to be a MS Only shop and so on. Without knowing much more it's hard to say one way or the other but if you are using Win 7 as a Desktop Environment 2008 is defiantly the better option provided that there are no other issues to consider.


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