Do I require both a Runtime and SQL User CAL for each user?

By jasonm.yyc ·
Currently we are running two SQL based applications (Separate physical boxes), a CRM and an Accounting application, the CRM is a SQL 2008 Standard Ed (64-bit) and the Accounting is a SQL 2005 Standard Ed. (32-bit). The CRM issues SQL Runtime CALs, and we purchase User CALs for all the Accounting Software users. The question is if a user has a SQL User CAL already do they require the Runtime CAL.

We currently purchase both the Runtime and SQL User CALs for every user as 99% of the time they use both, roughly 25 users.

My understanding is that the SQL User CAL grants the user access to multiple servers running SQL so the User CAL should be sufficient.

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Personally I believe that this is best answered by M$ Legal

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Do I require both a Runti ...

If you ring the M$ Licensing Center you are most likely to get different answers from different people you speak to and most defiantly different answers depending on how you phrase the question.

If you rely on the M$ Licensing Staff they will very likely mislead you and place you in a position where M$ Accuses the Company of Piracy. This happens because the people who work at the M$ Licensing Hot Line are only trained to read a screen and not fully understand the actual License Agreement.

As this is a Legal Document you should speak to the M$ Legal Department every time you have a Licensing Question and get their Answer in writing. That way if they decide that you are doing something wrong you have a comeback and while you will be required to buy the Additional CAL's/Licenses they will not instigate a Full Scale Legal Session against the company.

From past experience I now always ask the Head of the M$ Legal Department here for their opinion and follow their answers to the letter. May be slightly more expensive initially but it certainly stops any problems latter.

However you need to speak to your Local M$ Legal Department because Local Laws differ around the Globe and within different areas of the same country.


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User CALs allow connections in a multiple server AD environment

by CG IT In reply to Do I require both a Runti ...

SQL 2005 has a couple different types of licensing.

Processor license, Server plus device, server plus user.

If you read on MS site, it gives you the different licensing options and what they mean.

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