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    Do IT pros work out communications also?


    by mark the writer ·

    Somehow it’s become an important issue to me: how many IT teams are responsible for telecommunication gears as well? I wonder wether is it as usual as I think it is: an IT shop that, one day, has to solve a problem on operating system and, the otherday, has to troubleshoot a Frame Relay connection. Or is it more common to find one team for computer-related problems and another one for communication-related ones?

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      Can be both

      by generalist ·

      In reply to Do IT pros work out communications also?

      When you consider the fact that networks require communications, a small IT department must be able to handle OS problems, application problems and computing related telecommunications. And if you are handling telecommunications for computing, management might have you handling the phone system too.

      If the organization is larger, it is often useful to have the IT department and the telecommunications department under the same umbrella.

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      Wish I did here

      by admin-stuart ·

      In reply to Do IT pros work out communications also?

      At our small business, my responsibility stops on my side at the CSU/DSU. And I’ve found that troubleshooting communication issues does take coordination between departments or teams when the responsibility is split like that.

      Case in point: recent addition of T1 line by one contractor, who must coordinate with me and our telephone contractor. This case was a planning and coordination nightmare due to lack of communication from the T1 installer during the time they were troubleshooting their installation.

      Bottom line, in my case it would be best to get whatever extra training I need to begin to handle all ends of the network/telecom. Besides, the phone contractor is a slob and I don’t want them in my server room!

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