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Do more expensive smartphones last longer than cheaper ones?

By arnoldhwang ·
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I might buy a new smartphone in the future and I have a few questions. Do the cheaper smartphones tend to not last as long as the more expensive ones? Like for example the Moto G7 smartphone vs the Samsung Galaxy s10, or even the Samsung galaxy A10 vs the Samsung Galaxy s10.
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Its correct in some aspects

by masood_ In reply to Do more expensive smartph ...

Answer is "yes" at some extent, if you are buying very cheap smart phone of unknown brand which doesn't have a good build quality and they doesn't provide you software support then definitely it will not last than the expensive mobile phone.

But this is fact that we bought expensive cell phones of their times and they has good specifications / hardware, specs wise we can compare them with the branded mid quality phone of current time, old ones are better in some aspects but manufacturer is stopped supporting them, they are not providing OS updates so they will be brick after some time.

For example Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with latest supported OS Android 5, it was released in 2013 and its specs are comparable to Galaxy A5 2017 which is on Android 8 and boxed pack available in the market, we can find note 3 better in some aspects like screen size. I am not talking about processor generation and gorilla glass classes, base hardware of note 3 is enough powerful but Samsung is not providing OS updates so its in the process of being brick.

If we buy latest iPhone MX Max 256 GB, it has sufficient power and storage capacity so can we say that Apple will be providing support to this phone after five years? :) question is how long we want to use it? after some time we will be forced to stop using it.

Sorry for being off the track :)



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Quite Opposite in some features

by elsasb354 In reply to Its correct in some aspec ...

I think quite opposite actually, As an example my grandma has this small button phone that only allows having simple features such as call, texting, taking photos and some basics. But it does not run out of battery, can be used in any critical condition, even if she throws it hard on a brick wall it works just fine after assembling the parts. Not to mention it's so cheap.
But here I am, I got Samsung Galaxy S8 and when I put it into my side pocket and traveled from the train to home and take it out to see the crack in the middle. Don't know even what happened. might be pressed against someone.
But I think it will not depend on the price.
For the latest device, i agreed that it will depend on how you use it.

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Yes the Ruggerised ones tend to last a lot longer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Do more expensive smartph ...

But they are also about 10 times the price and are limited in what they can protect the device against.

If you drop any phone on the ground and a Excivator runs over it it's going to be broken beyond the ability to repair economicaly but if you drop a Ruggerised Phone from the first floor onto concrete it may still work but if you do that to any conventional Smart Phone you'll be sweaping up the remains and filling it in the bin.

Then there are the real chiepes cheaply made out of cheap marterials and no design to speak of involve din them which are fragile a conventional Brand Name Smart Phone will be more robust than one of the really fragile ones but again that is limited they may survive a drop a bit better but depending on what they hit and how they hit it they could be scrap or undamaged.

I once saw a Note Book thrown off the first floor onto concrete and it worked a treat but it is not something I would recommend you try even with one of those Specialy Designed Note Books which that was done to to show just how robust that they where.

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It depends

by shamortysun In reply to Do more expensive smartph ...

Well, it depends on the concrete company and model. But preferably yeah, the technology is developing, the battery capacity is expanding etc. But from the other hand, for companies it's not beneficial to create really longlasting phones to make customers replace their devices into newer ones.

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by samgord In reply to Do more expensive smartph ...

expensive phones have better battery life for sure.

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Yes for most

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Do more expensive smartph ...

Are you referring to battery life or shelf life? I'd say yes to both, generally, but it would also depend on the manufacturer as has been pointed above, personal use (how often it's charged, dropped, etc...)

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difference between expensive smartphone and cheap smartphone durability

by jenniferbrownjp123 In reply to Do more expensive smartph ...

yes why not but it depends on how you using your phone. because expensive smartphones have expensive tools and software in them so their performance is different from the cheap ones and they are long lasting then the cheap smartphone

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by In reply to Do more expensive smartph ...

Yes, expensive smartphones last longer than less cost mobiles. Expensive mobiles have good usable features and long battery backup...

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No I Don't think so

by suresh1567746374 In reply to Do more expensive smartph ...

No, I don't think that expensive smartphones last longer than cheaper. Every that matters is the brand of smartphones. Samsung has smartphones from the range of 10K to 90K. But Samsung is a brand and it will provide quality smartphones whichever you buy, cheaper one or expensive one

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Just the obvious

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No I Don't think so

The Ruggerised phones which are considerably more expensive than Standard Phones tend to last longer in the hands of the same person than one that is not Ruggerised.

The same applies to everyone else it's up to the way that each indivual treats their tech as to how long it will last.

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