Do multiple VPNs require dedicated lines ?

By randir.r ·
I haven't had much experience with VPNs, we have a Juniper firewall that we want to use to setup some vpn connections on from our branch office to multiple locations that provide services to us. Can I setup separate tunnels to these locations using one internet line or are dedicated lines required for each connection?

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by mafergus In reply to Do multiple VPNs require ...

You do not need multiple discrete lines to support multiple vpns. The limiting factors will be the device(s) licensing and capability factored by your network bandwidth and needs.

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That Depends

by oldbaritone In reply to Do multiple VPNs require ...

on how many simultaneous VPN connections the firewall will support. The single internet connection could be enough, if your firewall will support it. Some firewalls will only support one VPN connection at a time.

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by randir.r In reply to That Depends

ok, so I don't need dedicated connections for each vpn thanks for clearing that up for me.

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the term dedicated ends up being a misnomer...

by CG IT In reply to Do multiple VPNs require ...

VPN is a virtual private Network over the internet. Dedicated lines aren't "Internet".

you can establish dedicated point to point VPN tunnels between routers, but that's not a "dedicated line".

"Dedicated lines" are lines you buy and only you use, Point to Point. So what's the need for VPN when the lines are yours point to point?

In those cases where you have a point to point dedicated line, frame-relay is used.

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We have Juniper SSG20

by BizIntelligence In reply to Do multiple VPNs require ...

installed at each office location. With SSG20 you can have at the most 10 VPN tunnel interfaces and you can bind multiple VPNs to each tunnel interface. We have full mesh VPN using single tunnel interface. Each tunnel interface is binded to internet line. We have two internet lines but you can do with one as our second internet line is for interface failover...

If you read following document then you will know what I am talking about. Please have a look at following document:

You really dont need OSPF as you can mention static routes and then create policies to allow traffic.

Cheers !

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