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    Do outdated systems invite ransomware attacks?


    by writetoln23 ·

    Hey Everyone,

    Found a recently – it talks about the huge spike in ransomware attacks we’re seeing in India. The numbers are wild – from 57% to 77% in just a year! And major players like UHBVN and AIMS are right in the middle of it.

    UHBVN not only had their systems breached but lost important customer billing data. AIMS, a big deal in India’s medical scene, got hit with a million-dollar ransom demand. When they said no, the attackers dropped their encrypted data on the dark web. It’s a serious situation, and it’s making me rethink how we’re safeguarding our digital systems.

    You may be wondering why, despite all our fancy tech like AI and ML, we’re still vulnerable. Turns out, according to the blog, it’s the outdated systems we’re using. Kind of makes you think twice about that old computer sitting in the corner, right?

    Note: link to blog (on a site to rent not outdated equipment) removed by moderator.

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