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Do routers slow down your internet speed?

By txtbkseller2006 ·
I just had Cox install a telephone service in my house. The installer said that I get lousy download speeds because of my router (Netgear WTG624 v2). I did not believe him. After he connected my telephone service, I went to service to check my download speed (the cat cable was connected to the pc without the router) and I logged 25 to 30MB/sec as my download speed! When I connected my netgear router to it, my download speed dropped to 5.9 or 6 MB/sec. The upload speed remained at 512Kbs/sec. I need the router to get internet to the rest of my home computers but am very concerned in the deterioration of download speed. I even checked the speed at and got the same result. So, my question is:
Is there a way to get my internet speed up with the router? Or should I get a new router? If so, what brand/model of router do you suggest? I thought it was my cat cable from the router to the pc and I changed that and the results were the same. I am at a loss as to what or why my download speed is one fifth of the speed without the router.
Thanks for your input.

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by cholan41 In reply to Do routers slow down your ...

In general, the maximum range for DSL without a repeater is 5.5 km ,As distance decreases toward the telephone company office, the data rate increases. Another factor is the gauge of the copper wire. The heavier 24 gauge wire carries the same data rate farther than 26 gauge wire. If you live beyond the 5.5 kilometer range, you may still be able to have DSL if your phone company has extended the local loop with optical fiber cable.

chk go to the http: see the modem setting try to disable the wireless setting

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Cable company not a phone company

by txtbkseller2006 In reply to try

First I have a cable company, and not a phone company. The internet and phone signals come through a fibre optic line to the street level and through a coaxial cable to my house. My wireless setting on my router has been disabled.

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Have you tried updating the driver(s) ???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Do routers slow down your ...

a lot of downloads are slow due to a lot of access to their servers being made at the same time creating a bottle neck but if your drivers are outdated that could also slow things down.

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Which drivers?

by txtbkseller2006 In reply to Have you tried updating t ...

The firmware for the router has already been updated. To my knowledge, netgear has stopped supporting this router and have "discontinued" it. There has been no firmware update for several years on this router.
Thanks for trying to help.

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Do routers slow down your internet speed?

by info In reply to Do routers slow down your ...

Please don't have anything unnecessary on your desktop as it will take more time for the processor to do the processing. Next,don't store movies,pictures etc. unless and otherwise they are very important. Please write these things in a CD/DVD and store them.I need to know more details regarding what type of softwares you have installed in your system.Thank you mate.

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Stuff on computer

by txtbkseller2006 In reply to Do routers slow down your ...

But that still doesn't explain why routerless connection is so fast compared to router-ed connection. The computer is still the same.
Thanks for helping out.

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Do routers slow down your ...

I'm sorry, but this makes no sense and is bordering on plain bad advice.

The amount of data stored on your system has nothing to do with network speed.

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Thanks for saying that Kjell... I was about to post the same. EOM

by Dumphrey In reply to Ehr
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Consumer Grade Equipment

First you were directly connected via Ethernet cable to the Internet perimeter device and used an application to determine data rate. Next you injected the Netgear router in between the perimeter device and your computer, once again using the same application to determine throughput. The only difference was the router and one additional Ethernet cable.

The testing was done using wired connections and not wireless? Were there other computers actively using the router while you ran the tests?

You did not mention what the data rates for the Internet access were, but from your test results it sounds like a rather healthy pipe. The Netgear is a consumer grade device and Netgear does not advertise what the external to internal interface throughput specifications are for any of their consumer equipment. That device has a firewall and other security measures that all affect throughput and you maybe seeing the results of that.

One test that you can try is to remove the external to internal interface exchange. Just plug the Ethernet cable from the Internet perimeter device into one of the 4 switch ports of the Netgear router and also the Ethernet cable from the computer. That way the router is acting as a basic switch. You also may have to shut of the DHCP server on the Netgear router if that is enabled. If the throughput is still poor then you have a really issue with that piece of hardware.

The other possible explanation is that particular device is defective, there are no real methods for typical users to test hardware devices for performance other than what you have tried. I might suggest asking Netgear about your findings and see what they suggest. But first make sure that your device has the latest firmware or they will not listen to you.

I am of the opinion that the device is going to continue to be a bottleneck and you will have to move to a business style wireless router that has better throughput numbers i.e., more expensive.

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Consumer equipment

by txtbkseller2006 In reply to Consumer Grade Equipment

Yes, the testing was done through wired connection and not through wireless connection. No, there were no other computers running or accessing the internet while the testing was done.
I will try your suggestion of changing the ethernet cable from the cable modem and into router's switch ports rather than its LAN (input) ports. Yes, the DHCP server setting in the router is still disabled.
The router has the latest firmware upgrades.
Do you have any suggestion for a better business device with lossless throughput?

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