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Do spammers deserve SSL certs ? An open letter to Equifax....

By dvlhntr ·
?This can?t be legit..."
?Well it is signed by Equifax, probably only increase the number of people they sucker in??.?

Dear Equifax,

Thank you for issuing a cert to a spammer.

Now when people buy their meds, their check out will be secure from the bad evil crooks on the intwebs. Because no one has had their personal and credit card info turned over the Russian mob or sold off on a black auction from buying from a cheap pills site.

I guess money was more important than a reputation. Maybe later you can issue a cert for the child porn freaks.... I mean between the banks and the spammers I guess you all are to busy to get to them...

Since I know many people are like myself and a ?doubting Thomas? (lets not make the probaly worse by actually buying anything there folks, I don't care how limp your 'walk' is.

Oh yeah GeoTrust who the ....... oh nevermind.

Members of TR - Thank you for reading my rant, and for NOT paying for Equifax if you have a choice in CA's. Yes, I know we have seen this before, the issues have been raised before. How can you !'ing trust CA's, I mean REALLY trust them? I mean normally there are some trusted ones built right into the major web browsers, but at the end of they day how can you trust them when you know they will for a price give a cert to the scum of the 'interwebs' .

Yes this can launch once again into a thousand related topics, Spam, security of CA?s, Legal issues of selling perceptions drugs, end user education?etc pick any ones you like run with 'em. I just wanted to vent, and I am sure some mod will nuke this anyway.

am I a retard? is their a higher level attack going on here?

P.S. if slinging knock of pharmaceuticals without a ?real? doctor?s prescription became legal over night in the US, someone, please, tell me, I got some money to go grab.

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