Do these situations require a Windows Server 2008 CAL?

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We are migrating from Samba 4 to Microsoft Active Directory and I am trying to figure out how many licenses we need.

1. We have all of our admins logging in with 2 usernames for added security. 1 username has no admin rights while the other is used to run admin functions. Do we need 1 CAL per username or can the same person use two accounts while only paying for 1 CAL?

2. We use zimbra as our email server. It runs on linux but uses Active Directory to authenticate the email accounts. We have several email inboxes that are being used by more than one person for example John, Jennifer, and Jim all log into their personal emails using their AD password. They also log into using the AD account 'department'. Does the 'department' account need a CAL?

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Which type of CAL's are you asking about here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Do these situations requi ...

User or Device?

User CAL's apply to Users while Device CAL's apply to individual devices.

If the different people log in from the same computer then no you don't need different CAL's for them but if they log in from different computers then you may very well need different CAL's for them. Here it all depends on the type of CAL and how many will be logged in at any one time.

Naturally Device CAL's only apply to 1 Device but User CAL's can cover several different users if they are not logged in at the same time.

This link may be of some use to you

Though to be perfectly honest I would check with M$ Legal on this before making a finial decision. M$ Licensing tends to change with the person you speak to, where as M$ Legal tends to have the finial say in how things should be and after all they are the ones that come after you, so if you get the finial decision from them in writing they don't have a leg to stand on if they do not like your solution. At the very worst they will only demand additional money from you where as they could drag the company before courts and waste a couple of years before sending the company broke and forcing the owner to agree to having their Name & Home Address listed in M$ Enforcement Alerts Notice a regular publication that M$ puts out listing those who breach the Licensing Agreement.


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