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    Do U need certs to get a job


    by guyivx56 ·

    My back ground is 4 and half years in the feild of IT also I have A+ and CNA ( netware 5)
    I am half way done my CCNA and NETWORK +
    I am not strong in 2000 server or pro I am working on this but do I need the certs
    to get a job

    Question about certification

    1.Do you think certifications are requirement when looking for any position in the IT field?

    2.What does it mean in a job spec / posting when they ask for a collage or University, and or Technical training?

    3.Over all are certifications over rated : (why)

    4.I am being told with just my qualifications, I should be able to get a position in my field. What is your opoin on this;

    5.Do you think try for MCP and server would better my chances with my career?

    6.with my experience and back ground do you think I should parsue with MCP and server what are you opion

    Thanks you for your help

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      Reply To: Do U need certs to get a job

      by mikel~t ·

      In reply to Do U need certs to get a job


      1. No, I don’t believe certifications are a requirement, but some companies do require them to keep thier partner status.

      2. A lot of organizations want employees that have higher education. Technical training is nice in that you have specialized in some sort of area.

      3. I don’t believe Certs are overrated. I know plenty of people who don’t have them that are more capable than those that do, but it shows an employer that you can meet the industry standars.

      4. Your qualifications are great, but some non-consultant organizations maynot have a need for Novell or Network+, and have only heard of MCSE/MCSA.

      5. I think an MCP is a good starting point, but an MCSA shows your willingness to commit to get certified.

      6. I think getting an MCSA is definitely your best plan of action since it covers more than just one test, and it gets you very close to your MCSE.

      Hope this helps.


      CCNA, CCA, MCSE NT4, MCSE 2000, SCNP

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      Reply To: Do U need certs to get a job

      by esidirop ·

      In reply to Do U need certs to get a job

      Great Answer Mike! MCSA is great to have but be sure that your obtaining certification and are understanding what you are in fact learning. Many MCSE’s(must call someone else) are simply certified because of resources that offer practice testing. Many of them just have the cert paper, but not the know how or the ability to actually understand and trouble shoot a problem correctly.

      so with that said, you will only advance your career based on your knowledge and work ethic. Taking any easy route like many mcse’s will get you a job, but a pink slip 1 month afterwards.

      MCSA,CCNA,A+,Network +, HDA, Bsc

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      Reply To: Do U need certs to get a job

      by katn ·

      In reply to Do U need certs to get a job

      Expeirence is the best, but having certs with it is better. I got my present job because of expeirence and my certs, helped in giving me an advantage over others with one or the other.

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      Reply To: Do U need certs to get a job

      by jhayesit ·

      In reply to Do U need certs to get a job

      i believe certifications are good but only if you have the experience. Since there are many people out there that have the certs but no experience, it’s been my experiece that certs only count when you have the experience.
      As far as degree, there are many people that do require a degree and there is no way around it, certs are a plus, but must have the degree. Most jobs that require a degree are in the 70 -120k or so. so if your goal is to make above 70 i would say get the degree as well.

      hope this helps.

      MCSE, CCNA, BS degree.

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