Do XP format Pen Drive with NTFS ??

By HarshM ·
Whenever I Format My Pen Drive(4 GB) with NTFS in Windows XP, I must set it's policy to "Optimize for Peformance". . but i need not to do so in Windows 7. . there is always an NTFS option in FORMAT menu.
Does XP not Support Formatting Pen Drive as NTFS in "Optimize for Quick Removal" & Why? ? while Windows 7 Supports so.

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This is because 7 is a different OS to XP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Do XP format Pen Drive wi ...

Also as Thumb Drives are meant to be Portable and moved between different computers they need to have a Partition Table that is supported by different OS's so under XP that is a FAT32 Partition.

XP doesn't support formating to anything else but FAT 32 and and the Performance Option for NTFS.

7 Being a different OS with different options has the ability to use different Partition Types but XP doesn't.

However if you format this device to NTFS under 7 it's unlikely to be able to be read by other computers that are not running 7 as an OS.


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Also security permissions and file ownership . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to This is because 7 is a di ...

will be a problem with any NTFS formatted removable media

only the system that it was formatted on will have full access permissions
or you have to repeatedly take ownership with every machine it's attached to

User A formats the drive with system 1 and owns the files

User A plugs it into User B's system (system 2)
User B must take Ownership of the files & folders

User A takes it back to system 1 and must take ownership again

and on and on it goes ...

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Yep it would be a mess

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Also security permissions ...

I'm just wondering how many different systems could actually read it to begin with let alone run into Ownership Problems.


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Somewhat really good

by HarshM In reply to This is because 7 is a di ...

@ OH Smeg
Thanks a lot !! Logical Approah to the matter..Thanks Again!!

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"Optimize for Quick Removal"

by seanferd In reply to Do XP format Pen Drive wi ...

I don't think that is a formatting function. It certainly is a general XP setting for removable drives.

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NTFS file permissions could be an issue anyways

by Slayer_ In reply to Do XP format Pen Drive wi ...

as the GUID would be different on each computer. You are better off with FAT32.

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