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Do you allow IM?

By Toni Bowers ·
In this week's poll, we asked if you allow instant messaging in your organization. Please share your thoughts on why you do or don't allow it.

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No Way

by She Geek In reply to Do you allow IM?

Any Messaging is forbidden by my own cup. Chatting quickly becaomes a time consumer and is non productive. I remove MSN from a box before it is deployed, (as well as games) and lock down the desktop to only being able to change wallpaper. If IM over the internet becomes an issue the user losses access to the internet. Want to chat - do it at home. Sounds harsh but there are always those who abuse IM, waste time playing solitare while my IT staff is putting in 60 hour work weeks.

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IM can be useful

by jmgarvin In reply to No Way

IM is a useful tool at times as well. We used it because our sites were distributed and we could have quicky meetings, document sharing, and basic feed back without having to deal with a phone.

While we did have some security issues, productivity was never that much of an issue as we "monitored" what people were doing. If we saw too much chat traffic, we'd pick out the person and see what they were doing.

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