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Do you charge to stare at progress bars?

By monsalbus ·
Obviously multitasking is preferable, but let us assume you are hired hourly for a particular job. This seems to happen fairly frequently. Either you are waiting for gigs of data to copy or databases to rebuild or ...

Just seems like after many years I can never get used to it. I really try to leave to go do another job, but everyone knows as soon as I get far enough away progress will be interrupted by countless variables.

How do you deal with waiting?

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You better believe I do.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Do you charge to stare at ...

As you noted, as often as not, walk away or turn to something else, and BOOM! All goes haywire.

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Not only that...

by jck In reply to You better believe I do.

But if someone has your services on-site to do a job for them, you are not able to bill someone else.

So whether that install involves you configuring a server and 10 workstations at once, or doing 1 basic OS install...they are paying you to do a job...not stay 100% busy the whole time.

You're being a per hour rate to do a certain process...not to maintain 100% finger motion on a keyboard or a screwdriver always moving.

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of course

by Shellbot In reply to You better believe I do.

your hired to do the job..and that means making sure it installs properly or does whatever its doing.

more often than not one is busier than enjoy those opprotunities :)

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by C F USA In reply to of course

it is a welcome break at times. It can be a foot tapping experience as well. Depends on the timing :)

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foot tapping

by Shellbot In reply to Indeed

ya..nothing more mind numbing..but part of the game..

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Take up a craft

by Juanita Marquez In reply to foot tapping

One place I worked full-time found it amusing that I would take my knitting or crocheting along with me from desk to desk. They knew I was working but the install bars were one of the job hazards that could vary in time length and we all knew I was working. After babysitting the install I'd move along to the next station and repeat (or start installs on several stations and check). Everyone was happy.

At home I charge for what I actually do. If I have to download MS updates or antivirus installed and I can run out to get groceries in the meantime, they aren't going to have to pay for that time. I also tend to charge a flat job rate as I work better when I have enough time to do all the things I want to do to a system and pick up and drop what I'm doing, and I'm more comfortable knowing I'm penalizing myself instead of a client if I don't have it done in a short amount of time. I want to do a quality job for them, so however long that takes - but they shouldn't be penalized for me having to learn a new technique or find out vague info.

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Enjoy? Not likely

by jdclyde In reply to of course

it drives me nuts to just sit there, especially if it is one of they typically horrible M$ installs with the progress bar that is more decoration than actual indicator of percent done.

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Don't you just love those

by Michael Jay In reply to Enjoy? Not likely

the bar get finally to the end, then starts again, and again, and again...


15 minutes 78 minutes 4399876 minutes 5 minutes. Akkkkkk..

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they the best :)

by Shellbot In reply to Don't you just love those

had one the other day that started at 5, made its way down to 2, jumped up to 30, ran for about 20 mins, then hung.


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Yes and no

by C F USA In reply to Do you charge to stare at ...

Yes - I charge if that is what they want. If they want an attended install of a application or lets say a reload of an O/S, then yes, if I am on site, I charge. That is my job, I cannot leave to do something else. If I can multitask and work on something else at the same time for the same customer in CLOSE proximity like the next cubicle/office (not on another floor) then I will do it.

No - If I have taken a machine offsite for a rebuild/reload/initial load, I usually charge less. The difference is, I can stop and do something else as needed and let the "next" button wait.

Not sure if this is what everyone else does, but look forward to seeing the comments from the rest of the community

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