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Do you despise micro-management at work, yet vote for it in elections?

By Absolutely ·
If so, why do you believe you are worthy of less freedom in your own home, which belongs to you, than at work, during time for which you have been paid to work for somebody else?

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Another place where I should

by Tig2 In reply to Do you despise micro-mana ...

Just shut my blinken mouf...

I have a really hard time with any level of micro-management. I tolerate it for 3 days when I know that the organisers of my event are pushed to that level to protect themselves.

I not only do not vote for micro-management, I suggest to others that they should re-think.

Can Hillary or Barak think better than me? Why? What makes them better? Why do I think that they are better able to define where my "giving" should go? Aren't I allowed to make choices?

Well, no. I'm not.

GWB is no better. So it isn't a party issue. It is a thinking issue.

I have already been through the the wringer. But this country wants to do it to me again. I am being assessed for taxes I should have paid while in chemo and homeless and unable to work.

The foundation of the argument is that I made substantially less for two years and in the third year, did not rise to my original level.

Let's talk about micro management here. In the view of the country, someone should have been shouting at me to do more every day. In treatment and not covered by insurance, I took the only alternative I had. The fact that I was doing day labour on days I didn't spend at hospital doesn't seem to matter a da@mn- I should have been handling it all ... "better".

This country needs to take a long, hard look at itself and decide what it believes in. From where I sit, they don't believe in it's citizens.

Apologise for the rant... ish.

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Apology unnecessary.

by Absolutely In reply to Another place where I sho ...

You make a good point about the un-Constitutional income tax, too.

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