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Do you disclose a company's offer to another company?

By vividDEV ·
When you are in interview process with two companies and you get an offer from one company, do you disclose the terms of that offer to the other company?

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Details, details

by razorex In reply to Do you disclose a company ...

As long as you don't have a confidentiality conflict with the company that's made the offer, professional discretion wouldn't make that improper. Use your best judgment.

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Something to consider

by philldmc In reply to Do you disclose a company ...

I work for a non-profit, everytime I bid something out..with an RFP I remind each vendor we are a non-profit, I need your best offer.

I do not disclose others bids, nor do I let them know who they are bidding against during the process.

After I have awarded the bid, if company B wants to know why we didn't choose them, I will share the reasons, if one of the primary reasons was due to the cost and company B says.."but if I had know we could have come under." This then tells me they didn't submit their best offer to begin with, and is this a company I really want to do business with.

This is just my two cents..

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I don't, but...

by oldbaritone In reply to Do you disclose a company ...

it does give me good discussion points to ask the other company - "What about your .... policy?" when/if they do give another offer.

I'll never forget one time when I had an offer, and a second company made a better offer. Because of the first offer, I asked the second company "Now, that's for a 40-hour week, right?" and they replied "Well, no, we typically expect our employees to work 48-50 hours a week, and there is no additional compensation until you're above 60 hours per week."

And I told them "Thanks, but no thanks."

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