Do you guys know how to increase C drive space?

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I recently get a low disk space problem with my C drive, the system drive? But, the last partition still has 50GB of free space left. So, I just try to extend my C drive space. However, after shrink the space of the last partition in Disk Management, the “Extend” option is just grayed out and cannot be used. Am I doing something wrong? How can I increase my C drive space? Please, help me!

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The Low Space Warning is activated when a certain % of space is left unused

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Do you guys know how to i ...

So if you have a 600 Gig Drive and you are down to 10% or so left you may very well get a Low Disc Warning.

As to if you can extend the drive that all depends on what you actually have there. if you have all of the Drive available for the C Partition then no you can not expand the drive as you can not extend it over more than 1 physical HDD.

You can however delete any Temporary Folders that you have and maybe compress the actual Partition but without knowing what you have how it is partitioned or What OS you are using it's not possible to say one way or the other other then saying to delete the stuff you are not using like contents of Temp folders.


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