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Do you have a geiger counter yet?

By AnsuGisalas ·
This <a href=>radioactive steel</a> is a good reason to buy only vintage cutlery... doesn't have to be antique, long as it's not *shudder* new!
And that's only the selfish part.
What the **** are we (collectively) doing, and what can we do to stop us doing it?!?

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Happened here

by santeewelding In reply to Do you have a geiger coun ...

One day the counters went off at our San Onofre nuclear power plant. Usually, the counters were employed to detect for anything leaving the plant. That day, they went off for a shipment of steel reinforcing bar entering the plant.

Came from Mexico. Medical isotopes.

Then, later, Grade 8 bolts that weren't.

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And to think

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Happened here

that for every place getting steel shipments that happens to have radiation detection... there's a helluva lot of places that don't have. And it's not like they ship the cheapest, most suspect stuff to the nukemills. Power plants at least have standards to uphold.

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Actually, I do!

by Dr. Tarr In reply to Do you have a geiger coun ...

My real Geiger counter is a surplus CD V-700 Model 6a, made by Victoreen Instrument Co. It came as part of a set designated the V-777, which also has two V-715 survey meters, two pocket dosimeters, and a dosimeter charger.

Perhaps it's time to put the batteries back in and start surveying the new construction sites where I go to install equipment. I bet showing up for the pre-install survey with a counter will raise a few eyebrows! Any idea what the reported intensities were, need to bring the right meter.

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Should be in there somewhere... Yup; read and tremble!

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Actually, I do!

The worst cases so far:" 71 microsieverts per hour" (OW!)
"Some of the metal had so far exceeded the limit of 10 becquerel per gram that it had to be confiscated immediately. Of the 60 tons of contaminated metal found in December at companies in Rhineland-Palatinate, Bavaria, Baden W?rttemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia, five tons had levels of up to 33 becquerel of radiation per gram. "
"More than 500 elevator buttons, which came to Berlin from France, showed radioactivity levels of 270 becquerel per gram. The buttons have since been replaced. A component found at a company in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and tested on Jan. 19 radiated an astounding 600 becquerel per gram."

You all haven't been taking this seriously... what do you think will happen if your fly zipper radiates at 660 becquerel per gram?
And measure everything you hold dear... or near.
The odds of finding something aren't great, but neither are the odds of it being discovered by chance, or of surviving prolonged exposure; do the math, folks!


EDIT:So, you probably want something that goes over these mentioned dosages...

Tags are of course useless for this, as you know, they tell you too late if you get into a massive rad zone.
"Sorry man, film is completely exposed, who's your undertaker?"

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