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Do you have a thick skin?

By Steven S. Warren ·
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Techrepublic has many interesting birds. What is the best or worst thing anyone has said to you on Techrepublic.

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A little chuckle here and there....

by Steven S. Warren In reply to Do you have a thick skin?

I have been told a lot of things over the years that are good and bad. But one of my favorite was someone that told me the following after we had a discussion:

"Hypocrisy, thy name is Steven" I chuckled over that one.


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Replying to yourself?

by JamesRL In reply to A little chuckle here and ...

Maybe you should seek counselling.....

Do I have a thick skin? Somewhat - how is that for an answer.

I do not mind at all when a regular poster flames me - for them I have thick skins.

When someone I don't know flames me, I do tend to argue more and use cool disspassionate logic less.


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by CG IT In reply to Replying to yourself?

he did ask for that one. can't be the worst anyone's said.

Thick skin? Me? naw I take everything personally.

What's the worst think I ever said to someone? " .....a puss boil on the arse of humanity".

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I am my best critic

by Steven S. Warren In reply to Replying to yourself?

I like to reply to myself. It makes it more real for me. We should all talk to ourselves. You should see the things I say to myself at 200AM when a cluster of SQL Servers crash. Talk about counseling.

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Of course you know

by JamesRL In reply to I am my best critic

I meant it with the kindest kind of kidding.

I had a chance to reflect on the question on my ride home.

I would like to think that I attack someone's statement or position, but not the individual themselves. I get riled when people make personal attacks and assasinate the charecter of an individual. Now I may have slipped at times into that mode myself, but I dont' like to do it, and I have apologised for it. I've also taken my peers to task on it. I've probably had bigger reactions when someone does it to someone else than to me.


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Your Good

by Steven S. Warren In reply to Of course you know

I didnt take it bad at all. No worries.

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Talk to yourself?

by lorddragondan In reply to I am my best critic

Works fine most of the time. But I'm not on speaking terms with myself right now. Enjoying the quiet but I could use some logical input. Especially at 2:00 AM when alone and the headaches are beginning to build.

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Servant of the Antichrist

by neilb@uk In reply to Do you have a thick skin?

But then I do participate in the forum formerly known as "miscellaneous" in my guise as an Evangelising Atheist.

Most Christian peers usually ignore me over matters of religion but one MrMiami took me on head on. Such fun.


Thinking about it, though, I'm not sure whether that corresponds to "best" or "Worst".

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by maecuff In reply to Servant of the Antichrist

I miss MrMiami. He was fun.

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Whatever anyone says about the EL thread

by neilb@uk In reply to Neil

It had some really good characters who have since moved on.


tell you, I'm having real trouble liking this site at the moment. It so absolutely doesn't fit the way I used to use it.

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