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Do you have advice for a new manager?

By Toni Bowers ·
What the best piece of advice you would give a first-time IT manager? Was there something you found particularly troubling when you first came to the roll that you can see differently now that you've got experience under your belt?

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by MallardtooXX In reply to Do you have advice for a ...

Remember to duck aoften and cyoa all the time!!


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by Cactus Pete In reply to Do you have advice for a ...

At least as far as your team is concerned, always accept that it's your job to [ultimately] take care of things - whether they be helping out with HR related issues, clarifying upper management vision [heh] or whatever they throw at you.

The teamthat respects you, and doesn't see you whine, works hard and rarely whine themselves.

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Be ineffective

by jkaras In reply to Do you have advice for a ...

Never make a decision, never accept blame, and institute a liquid lunch for all your employees.

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New Manager Advice

by CwF867 In reply to Do you have advice for a ...

Treat your people in a professional manner. Know when to step in, but otherwise let them do their jobs. If you're not already planning on it, hold a weekly staff meeting in which veryone can take a turn to briefly discuss what they have been working on during the past week. Lead by example; when re-wiring a building for 100 Mbps ethernet, I found my crew was much more motiviated when I was in on the weekends with them pulling cable.

Just a few ideas!

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by Critic In reply to New Manager Advice

1. Gain the Team's trust & confidence by trusting them. You need this badly for gaining acceptence by the "Team".
2. Listen more and talk less. This gives you the vital information on an individual team member as well as the "Personality of the Team".
3. Be friendly but do not give the impression that you are dying to be friendly.
4. Do not hesitate to consult a team member or your boss or your new peer in matters not familiar to you. As a new manager you are expected not to know certain things.

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Some things I've learned ...

by Jonby In reply to Do you have advice for a ...

1) Take responsibility for your team's actions - later you can take it out of their hides in private.
2) Clear the road so your team can get on with the job - handle their issues whether it is HR, business, or other
3) Don't be afraid to change your mind if something isn't working but don't vacillate either
4) Treat all your people with respect and courtesy
5) Lead by example
6) Don't try to be popular and don't play favorites - you're not there to win a popularity contest and sometimes you are going to need to make some unpalatable decisions
7) Learn to work with interruptions
Communicate, communicate, communicate

Jon Barnett
Amity Solutions

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Excellent Advice

by Oldefar In reply to Some things I've learned ...

I would add one thing to Jon's list. Remember that your job now is to manage.

The hardest thing for techs to do is transistion from the technical mindset that seems to have won them a promotion to management over to a management mindset requiredof the new position.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Excellent Advice

Micro-management is not looked upon favorably by any employee.

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Lessons Learned

by CallCtrMgr In reply to Excellent Advice

Good advice so far. What I have learned in the past two years:

1. Be consistent.
2. Treat people fairly.
3. Know you are the boss!!! You are held to a much higher standard.
4. Learn the rule that effect what you can and can't say. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. There are a lot of legal issues that you are held to now that you would never guess.
5. Document, Document, Document. If you have problem people, document everything.
6. Manage by example, as discussed before, you must act the way you want your people to act.
8. Praise and give constructive criticism quickly and clearly.

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Lessons Learned Continued

by CallCtrMgr In reply to Lessons Learned

9. Communicate with your people often.
10. Make sure you communicate with you boss.
11. Don't act like they must treat you as the boss, if they respect you, they will.
12. Listen to your people. Listening to your people really helps.
13. Do stress too much..... ask for help when needed

It can be difficult at first, but like anything you will gain experience every day and it will become fun when things go right.

Good luck!!!!!

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