do you have experience with

By officerbill ·
Is anyone familiar with I have a coworker who asked about it to document emails to her ex; although I suspect that their claim to make messages "self-destruct" without a trace was the main draw.
They claim to produce read receipts, self-destruct & unprintable messages and give you the ability to recall messages even after they've been read by

"When a message sent using, the server adds the necessary code to the message.
While the code is based on web standards supported by all email clients and browsers, uses unique techniques and patent-pending technology that provides the necessary functionality."

They make the claim that it works with Outlook, but stop short of saying that it works with Exchange. It probably isn't a problem for me, but I would like to know what "necessary code is added to the message.

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RE: but I would like to know what "necessary code is added to the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to do you have experience wi ...

I don't mean to sound Trite but wouldn't we all?

In this case as they clearly say Patent Pending I'm sure that they will not share this information with others even after the Patent is Issued if that ever happens.

While I like the idea of things like this it also has drawbacks and will have adverse affects on your E-Mail Archiving. Over all I see problems with this type of System in Business.


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Sounds like

by santeewelding In reply to RE: [i]but I would like t ...

Going to work for an espionage agency. Something goes wrong, they send out the word, and wash their hands of what's left of you.

Raises **** with your archiving.

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running embedded code without permission

by officerbill In reply to Sounds like

Not too concerned about my business archiving.
I am curious about what sort of embedded code is coming from who knows where and running on my machine without my prior permission. If they are doing that then how do I know what else they are doing?

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Don't allow it if you can't confirm safe code.

by seanferd In reply to running embedded code wit ...

That's what I would do.

If you really want - and I'm sure the logfile would be enormous after running it in a busy environments - you could use Process Monitor from SysInternals to see what the mail message does when opened and read.

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gonna have to get the trial

by officerbill In reply to Don't allow it if you can ...

It looks like I'm going to have to subscribe to the trial offer and send a few messages to myself so I can see exactly what's going on and how to block it.

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have you tried there other services

by zach46290 In reply to gonna have to get the tri ...

have you tried either or rpost, they also offer a lot of the features you were talking about. Rpost looks to be very similar to pointofmail, though i have not tried it yet. Trustifi on the other hand does not offer any of the things about deleting your email once you send it or anything like they but they do use a USPS postmark, so when you send out an email with them they archive your email with the USPS for 7 years so you have a trusted third party if you ever need to prove an email that you sent or any of its attachments.

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