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    Do you have passion for your job……?


    by sedona ·

    Ok, I admit it. I came into the IT industry because of the money. And I believe that my competitiveness and motivation to succeed has gotten me as far as I’ve gone in this industry (sr level engineer).
    However, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is as far as I can go without passion for what I do.

    In the recent months, there seems to be alot of folks stating their desire to change careers out of the IT industry for various reasons.

    Are we all just trying to find an excuse for the bad economy? Or are we just realizing or true character now that the cash is no longer around?

    I like to know what others think….And if you are considering a career change, what are you doing about it?

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      Love my job….

      by sheilau ·

      In reply to Do you have passion for your job……?

      The money isn’t the greatest because Help Desk is considered entry level, but I absolutely, positively love what I do. No two days are ever alike, I get to do a wide variety of fixes and deal with a wide range of people every day. I am never bored,always running into something new, and won’t leave this area unless I start waking up and dreading coming to work….

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      Only you can make that call

      by bgjkl ·

      In reply to Do you have passion for your job……?

      IT is a hard job. It usually requires hours outside of 9 to 5, and problems can put a stop to a company’s business…no pressure there.

      No offense, but my observations are that people that come into IT for money are not good at it. Their hearts are not in it.

      A lot of people saw the $ signs during Y2K and client server technology introductions. But they don’t have the dedication or desire to spend evenings and weekends putting in systems and fixing problems……the luster of the gold hasworn off for them.

      With the dependence of companies on computer systems today, others cannot take the pressure of literally having the weight of the business on their backs.

      I personally love the excitment, and enjoy a troubleshooting challenge, or putting in a system that helps people to perform a task more easily.

      I live for that 1 positive comment, and do not mind staying late at work to fix or put in that system.

      If you are not in it because you like it, go out and get into something that you feel passionate about.

      I would tell anyone in any profession that. There is more to life than money

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      I’m not a data communications freak

      by road-dog ·

      In reply to Do you have passion for your job……?

      I’m a data communications SUPER freak. I love solving problems, getting those green LEDs, and turning over a really cool set of schematics at the end of the gig.

      I enjoy the post sales solution side of the business, and I’m learning to enjoy thepre-sales side. There are a different set of problems to solve there.

      If you have no stomach for it, get out. Life is too short to do otherwise.

      If you love what you do for a living, you won’t have to work a day of your life!

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      How does one find their passion?

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Do you have passion for your job……?

      I’ve been involved in similar discussions (both on this forum and others), and it’s interesting to ask how one finds or defines their passion.

      One interesting thought goes something like this: My passion in life is to blah, blah, blah. (Travel or build a nice home or fly airplanes or drive my RV around the country or give to charity or give to my kids, and on and on.) And my job, even though it’s not what “I love” to do, allows me to pursue my passion in other areas of life.

      I’d like topost more opinion, but I’ll wait to see if there’s any interest in this type of detour.


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        I fell into mine….

        by sheilau ·

        In reply to How does one find their passion?

        I admit it – I was a serious job hopper. After two years, I’d notice that I was getting very bored, and couldn’t get myself excited about the day anymore. Then I stumbled into this….and here I am, still loving every minute of it. True, there are days I drag myself home, unplug the phone and refuse to touch my home PC. But then there are the days that I solve that niggling little issue that’s been giving everyone in the dept. headaches – and I float for the rest of the week!! That’s how Idefine my “passion” – I get up, I’m looking forward to coming in, and I rarely if ever look at the clock. When quitting time rolls around, I usually have to be told about it. It is not my life’s passion, but it’s most definitely what I think I wasborn to do!

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      Passion for the job or experience talkin

      by dblaylock ·

      In reply to Do you have passion for your job……?

      I have have learned the hard way money is not everything and you never can make enough ever! Anyone who says they have it all is a liar.

      To remain sane in this crazy world, one must love or reasonably like what they do. How else could you even get up in the morning?

      There are days when I wish I have never seen a computer. But, then there are the days when everything comes together and that warm afterglow makes is all worth it. Ain’t love grand!

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      Hobby vs Profession

      by generalist ·

      In reply to Do you have passion for your job……?

      I was deeply involved in IT related activities when I got my BS degree in an unrelated field. That was way back when 80 column cards were in common use and the TRS80 was just starting out. It was kind of a ‘hobby’ for me.

      That involvement got me my first job in IT, totally unconnected to my BS degree. The ‘hobby’ gave me a reasonably comfortable living over the years despite the fact that I didn’t have an IT related degree.

      Oddly enough, the IT ‘hobby’ also made it possible for me to make a ‘hobby’ out of my originally planned profession in recent years.

      Stranger still, during a recent round of unemployment, I was able to get two job interviews at one organization, one using my IT ‘hobby’ skills and the other using my professional degree. Even stranger, I was able to get top score on the civil service exam for the professional side, despite a twenty year hiatus.

      Over the last couple of years I’ve actually gotten a couple of IT certifications and have started taking classes that will eventually result in an IT related degree. In time my ‘hobby’ will actually have a degree behind it plus additional certifications.

      Given the way I’ve done things in the past, I’ll probably end up using the IT degree to talk my way into a job in my originally planned profession.

      Ah well, it has been fun thus and it should be even more fun with all the tech toys available.

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      by jkat ·

      In reply to Do you have passion for your job……?

      I went into IT partly for the money, but mostly because as I see it, it is the only career where there is so much variety (Network, database, web design, help desk etc).

      Fortunately I have enjoyed it so far!! Although I haven’t had experience ina wide range of areas, I find those that I have fascinating.

      Theres so much to learn and the technology is always changing. I can’t see myself getting bored for a very long time, and if/when I do, I figure I can change to another area. (hopefully)

      “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do” Bob Dylan.

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      Depends on the Semantics

      by discordian ·

      In reply to Do you have passion for your job……?

      I absolutely love what I do. I usually end up despising who I do it for when politics becomes more important than the work I was hired to do, which is usually the case.

      Yes, I am considering a career change, but what to? Everyplace and every job involves political backstabbing and that is something that I absolutely can not and will not involve myslef with. So, what job is better or worse than any other in that regard? Well, until I can answer that question I hide in my office all day doing what I love as much as I can while staying out of the frays.

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      Sir Winston Churchill

      by mgfyo01 ·

      In reply to Do you have passion for your job……?

      Sir Winston Churchill said : “The important thing is not doing what you like to do but liking what you have to do”.
      I got this at an exam.
      May be you can try to find your own answer.

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