Do you have to keep track of company phones?

By jdclyde ·
Greetings all.

Guess who is the new phone dude? :)

Anywho, this is going to be a major change of the current culture. Up to this point, there was a stack of phones plugged into to the chargers, and you would grab one as you went out on the road. Often the drivers would end up grabbing the same one (you check them out for the day) but there wasn't anything saying they had to.

The new system connects the employees to our system, so it REQUIRES that the user has the same phone everyday.

Now that the background is done, looking for things people do to keep track of the systems.

Looking to make a spreadsheet that lists:
employee number
employee name
employee location (we have three locations)
serial number of the phone
account number for the "touch-to-talk" nextal
account for the data plan

Are there other things I should be keeping track of?



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We do the same as the above list, plus

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Do you have to keep track ...

we have both "normal" cells & Blackberrys so we have to keep track of that also.

Then with the Blackberrys, some have full email, some don't.

Some accounts have voice message, some don't.

We keep a "very private" list that is given to just certian people & dept. heads.

We all keep our phones 24/7/365

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Oh, and with the Blackberrys

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to We do the same as the abo ...

Some are on the BES & some are on the RIM server. As we build up enough on the RIM server, we buy another package of licenses for the knowing how many we have on RIM is important to us.

Not sure if you have a BES or not....I did all the research & implemtation for was quite a task to learn it all...if you ever go to set one up, touch base with me & I'll tell you what my pitfalls were....I could save you a little time & grief

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Phones are not live yet

by jdclyde In reply to Oh, and with the Blackber ...

so don't know what will be required, but the vendor they are connecting to (their server) will be walking me through it.

After I find out what is involved, might take you up on that offer! ;\



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No problem at all...I'd be glad to tell you

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Phones are not live yet

all my stupid mistakes so you don't do the same

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Different plans as well

by jdclyde In reply to We do the same as the abo ...

Managers will have a cell plan.

All phones will have touch-to-talk and a data plan.

Will be using Sanyo Pro-700's. (didn't mention before because I didn't want noobies to accuse me of pushing the product).

We will also have a few routes that will be using MC75's, which give the added ability to do signature and barcode capture.

Yes, level of service should have been on the list.

The average phone will only have the dispatchers and managers in the phonebook, none of them have a cell plan.

This is for internal use only.

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We don't give out our

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Different plans as well

cell phone numbers to the public at all....even some staff don't have the numbers.

We have 4 different plans....I have the cheapest....I don't want to be contacted if I'm out of the office (I like to hide :) ) but am required to carry the cell because I'm a manager....when I was Network Admin, I had to "carry" it 24/7 & have my office phone forwarded to it when out of the office....that was a drag!

Edited for...I forgot one other plan....we have one girl that has a Blackberry that uses it for a calendar email...go figure....I just shake my head & carry on.

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I have been lucky so far

by jdclyde In reply to We don't give out our

and have avoided the "status" of getting a company phone.

At my last job they came to us in IT and asked who wanted one, and my coworker (fool she) was tickled pink to get one. Well, until she learned if you had a phone, it HAD to be on until 10pm. So ALL after hour calls, even when she had the day off, went to her. I was so broken up over it, as I am sure you can see. ;\

Keeping my head down at the new job and hoping and down playing the idea. I will administer them, but don't need one myself. After all, I am at my computer, send me an email! B-)

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GPS tracking

by shasca In reply to This might be of use to y ...

That would be a big hit with management, if you could track drivers through a GPS system. (Coworkers would be less than impressed though so be ready for that backlash). There was an MSNBC article a year or so ago that documented a sanitation company that started tracking their vehicles through GPS. The company saved like the entire cost of the package in the first year. Miraculously the routes completion times dropped by about half. I would assume you have some type of system inhouse now that does some sort of GPS tracking that you could build on.

This looks intersting

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A part of the system we have

by jdclyde In reply to GPS tracking

The phones are integrated into our dispatch software. "Bread crumbs" as well as real-time location are both part of the system.

Mind you, that is not why we moved to these systems, it was so drivers could in real-time mark a drop off or pick up, so customers can hit a website for the same real-time status of jobs.

Getting pretty excited about it all. B-)

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