Do you know about of office 2007 product key?

By wintun ·
I have a error with office 2007. Do you know about of office 2007 product key?

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What kind of info are you looking for

by squirrelonfire In reply to Do you know about of offi ...

in terms of office 2007 product key?

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Please describe the error

by rmcl351 In reply to Do you know about of offi ...

exactly what do you see on the screen. is this an upgrade from a previous version.

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Yes, you are using an invalid key

by w2ktechman In reply to Do you know about of offi ...

Are you sure you are not typing in your Windows key?
Is the key being used the one that came with your disks?

If it is the one that came with your disk, it may have been invalidated, contact MS.

If you are using a key that expired, then you may need to purchase the SW, or contact MS

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You forgot to ask

by jdclyde In reply to Yes, you are using an inv ...

if that copy of Office has already been installed on another PC.

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I also forgot to ask

by w2ktechman In reply to You forgot to ask

if OP downloaded an illegal copy...

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If the M$ supplied Product Key on the Orange Sticker isn't working

by OH Smeg In reply to Do you know about of offi ...

Hold your M$ Supplied Office Install Disc in your left hand if you are right handed or right hand if you are left handed and Ring M$ Support. Ask then for a replacement Product Key and answer their questions as to Version and Type of Office 2007. When they are satisfied and this will include reading a Code off the inner ring of the CD M$ will E-Mail you a replacement Product Key for the Genuine Product that you have bought.

Of course if you have a Pirate Copy of Office or a Trial Version there is nothing that can be done as the Trial has expired and M$ has no need to support Pirate Product. M$ actually has a big reason not to support Pirate Product and even more reason to want to know where you got it.


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try this..!

by dev_santana In reply to If the M$ supplied Produc ...

if you're using the exact Office PK supplied with the cd & if it tells you invalid PK.
Do this..
First of all try this
check for any trial version off office installed on the same computer
It could clash with each another

2)you will need 2 rename Office Product Activation(opa) files.
location for Win Xp
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Data

location for Vista

rename anything that says 'OPA'
please le'me knoe. thanxx

*just in case if you're wondering
troubleshooting way above is legal !!

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Office 2007 product key??

Go to this website and download this very small program, then run it, it will show you your key to you.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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