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    Do you know how to survive the ring of death?


    by snuffy09 ·

    speaking of xbox360 of course

    I recently encountered the ring of death (3/4 red ring)due to Microsoft’s craptacular engineering.

    The main cause of this known issue is heat. Microsoft used cheap x-clamps to hold the cpu and gpu heatsinks in place… after awhile the xclamps lose their “grip”.

    Before I purchased the “repair kit” (screws to replace the x-clamps and metal/plastic washers)I removed the heat-sinks to investigate the issue… Microsoft must have used a whole tube of thermal grease per heat sink it was everywhere! I cleaned off all the old grease and applied small amount of new. Put everything back and the RROD went away for about 3 days then came back. I then ordered the x-clamp replacement kit.

    This was the end all solution. works great now and for only 18 bucks its a lot cheaper than buying a new xbox that will end up doing the same thing… although i think they resolved these issues in the new generation of xbox but still why should you have to pay for it twice when Microsoft screwed up?

    So pull those broken xboxes out of your closet or attic and invest in a repair kit… you may be surprised

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