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Do you know that there are two types of hackers ?

By peh00008 ·
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Do you know that there are two types of hackers?

Black Hats, are hackers who use their skills for criminal activities. This is not a great option as the chances are you will end up in prison.

White hats, are hackers with the same skills as Black Hats. But, they hack into systems that give them permission first to improve security and protect from criminal hackers.

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by RS_Darwin In reply to Do you know that there ar ...

This topic has been discussed in almost all Technology-related blogs and websites across the internet. But thank you for sharing your new discovery. It's good to know you've caught on.

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actually there are three

by hackingjone01 In reply to Do you know that there ar ...

Since my childhood I have the fascination towards hacking , its potential and how it can turn the world upside down in no more. There are actually three types of hackers, black hat, white hat and grey hat. Visit the below link that talks about hackers in detail:

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Hackers will be Hackers

by hutchinsa In reply to Do you know that there ar ...

The bottom line is that they are hackers, and if they hack into someone's account, system, etc., that accounts for criminal activity regardless of the intentions.

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Types of hackers

by RidgebackSecure In reply to Do you know that there ar ...

There are more than 2 types of hackers

1. White hat hackers are ethical hackers, helping organizations to detect vulnerabilities and loopholes in the system

2. Black Hat hackers, also known as crackers, hack for personal gain.

3. Gray Hat hacker who may sometimes violate laws or typical ethical standards, but does not have the malicious intent typical of a black hat hacker.

4. Green Hat Hackers are amateur hackers with the intention of becoming the full-blown hacker

5. Blue Hat Hackers are amateur hackers, performing acts of vengeance

6. Red Hat Hackers is white hat hacker who tries to halt acts of Black hat hackers and come down heavily on the attacker by launching series of aggressive cyber attacks against the hacker

7. State/Nation sponsored Hacker works for a government to gain confidential information from other governments

8. Hackivist breaks into systems to achieve a social or political aim.

9. Malicious Insider can be an employee, former employee, or third party, who have inside information concerning the organization's security practices, data and computer systems.

10. Script Kiddie is an amateur hacker who breaks into the system using available tools
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