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Do you manage your organization's Web site(s) and/or intranet site(s)?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks, "Do you or your department manage your organization's Web site(s) and/or intranet site(s)?

Yes, we manage both
Yes, we manage the Web site(s)
Yes, we manage the intranet site(s)
No, we don't manage either"

Many administrators and IT managers have to dabble in HTML and Web publishing. Are you one of them? If so, what are some of your biggest challenges in building and managing these sites?

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by JamesRL In reply to Do you manage your organi ...

In order to create a more structured sensical environment for project documenatation, I created a sharepoint site, and I still administer it.

Its not a huge effort once its up and running.


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Yes to both

by fluidtech In reply to Do you manage your organi ...

One of the biggest challenges I face is the request, "Hey, can we add yada yada yada?", and I tell them "Sure no problem, just tell me what you want the page to say and I will format it and upload it".

It usually seems to grind to a bit of a halt at that point.

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The difference between documents printed on paper and a web page.

by martyn In reply to Do you manage your organi ...

The entire staff that produced the internal and external newsletters in paper form was allowed to take over the Intranet and Web site from technical staff. Their argument was based on the fact that they were trained for the job of publishing.

Unfortunately nobody thought that they might need complimentary training for the new medium. The results are clearly presented in the statistics over which pages are visited most often and conversely the pages that are as good as dead.

Pages formatted in the same manner as a paper document are low down in the figures as opposed to those with a screen orientated format.

The most obvious lack of knowledge is the difference between color on paper that reflects light and color on a screen that radiates light. What works on paper quiet often is lost on a screen and the reverse is true.

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Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS)

by NZ_Justice In reply to Do you manage your organi ...

yes to all three

Using WSS is easy point and click very close to a good cms system but not as dedicated to cms as cms is.

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by lutherlarry In reply to Do you manage your organi ...

I manage all of the above.

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We Manage Both

by startingover04 In reply to Do you manage your organi ...

We build, update and manage both. Sometime it gets difficult when you are dealing with 29 different owners/surgeons and then the administraiton staff. I am the Systems Administrator who did it all at one time, but now have an IT Manager who does not communicate very well and makes changes with no warning. At this time, I am not even included to be able to log into the cpanel, after working and having all the responsibility to none. There are only two of us, so I do not know who is going to be his backup when he is out.

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yes of course

by ahmed2324 In reply to Do you manage your organi ...

our department manage our organization's Web site and intranet site

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Yes, 'we' manage both

by Tigerbright In reply to Do you manage your organi ...

When I use the term 'we', I mean the CIO Office has responsibility to technically manage both the external/ customer facing, as well as our internal / employee facing portals. In terms of content the external facing portal content is governed by Public Affairs who has the final OK on everything that goes up on our Oracle Portal that the public can see. For our internal one we can have business line / project managers / Content authors / and subject matter experts all publish content on their own pages for internal consumption, as long as it doesn't violate corporate guidelines. Therein lies the biggest challenge and that is ensuring people do not 'stray' with their content and abuse their publishing 'rights'. The other challenge is getting documentation for Oracle Portal (10g) from someone other then Oracle online. Where's the third party books ?

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YES we Do!

by chaleepas In reply to Do you manage your organi ...

Both our website and intranet is managed in-house.

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