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Do you pirate software, music, or movies?

By Passwordchanged ·
While California votes on whether to keep Gov. Davis or put in someone else, I invite the good folks who frequent this forum to cast their in on a veryimportant subject. Do you own/use pirated software? Do you think it's okay to use Kazaa or the other 'services' to get free (unauthorized) copioes of music or movies?

If you think it's okay to pirate software/music/movies, why? If you were the musician/actor/programmer, would you like it if somebody was ripping you off, taking money out of your pocket and food out of your kids' mouths?

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The reality

by Cactus Pete In reply to Do you pirate software, m ...

Without chiming in about what my opinion is [yet, perhaps], let me ask you this:

How much food do you really think is being taken out of the musician/actor/programmer kids' mouths with the level of piracy that was occurring?

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One penny or One dollar, doesn't matter

by Passwordchanged In reply to The reality

It doesn't matter what dollar amount you assign to the losses - they're losses. They're goods that have a retail price. The people who make those goods deserve to be paid.

Do you program for free? install networks for free? Of course not.

Pirating is against thelaw - it's unethical. What is there to defend about that? Do you who pirate also ignore stop sign laws and go around hitting or murdering people, just because you CAN? Hopefully you don't. So what makes stealing movies or sw or music different from breaking those laws? Splain that to me, ye tech piratz.

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Digging deep aren't you

by Oz_Media In reply to One penny or One dollar, ...

This has already been discussed, you oppose many opinions given so I'll help you with your little rant.

"If you were the musician/actor/programmer, would you like it if somebody was ripping you off, taking money out of your pocket and food out of your kids' mouths?"

You are VERY wrong. I manage several quite successful bands as well as help others to get signed to European labels. The musicians LOVE peer to peer file sharing (don't even mention Lars, he owns his label). It is a way for musicians to offer their music (at low quality) to the masses.

Those fans who are loyal to the musician WILL but the new CD, I do even if I've downloaded a couple of songs.

Those fans who have NEVER heard of the musician, will often download a song and decide to buy the CD, I have many times.

This is also a way for a band to sell its back-catalogue that doesn't get pushed in the record stores and sell it at fair market value instead of from the bargain bin.

You see VERY few musicians speaking out against file sharing, those that do have sold out to the labels and rely on retail sales for their few pennies. They are also mostly pushed to revolt by the labels themselves, all part of a nice PR deal.

The RIAA (as I've mentioned before) copyrights CD's with digital protection that is often decoded within a few days so it is a fruitless attempt at preserving an artists work. If anything it is detrimental to CD sales by making CD's that can't be bought and added to MP3 players (Walkmans).

I recently spent almost $500.00 on an MP3 player but while shopping for music, I will not but CD's that are protected because my Creative MP3 software won't add it to my playlist, why should I buy something I can only listen to at home?

The ONLY people who lose by P2P sharing is the label, end of story, everyone else benefits.

In Europe, labels are secondary to the artist, the artists gets very little money from the label and relies on word of mouth and live shows to sell their music. P2P opens this market up many times for the musicians to expand their audience.

It is big corporations that make less profit from CD's. They aren't LOSING anything that they already had. If a 13 year old downloads a song, does that mean he/she won't buy the CD? Probably, but they probably wouldn't have bought it anyway due to a lack of money.

This craze was the same when double cassettes came out, they tried fruitlessly in banning sales of double cassette recorders, when that failed they tried taxing blank cassettes, but what if I was recording verbal notes I'd made? Why should they get a cut?
Then it was VHS tapes and VHS recorders, nuff said there.

You are just trying to be righteous and look as if you are the only true upstanding citizen here. Unfortunately your previous posts have already shown your lunacy, so it's a foiled attempt.

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Pirating v Murder

by Cactus Pete In reply to One penny or One dollar, ...

While both may be breaking the law, I don't really relate them much.

Can you separate the black/white view of this argument, or is that your whole premise?

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Don't Pirate, but don't buy either

by TheChas In reply to Do you pirate software, m ...

I don't make use of KaaZa or any other file sharing service.

At the same time, I am not providing any income for the song writers and musicians either.

Until the US record industry and the RIAA get there act together and respect their potential customers, I will not buy any new recordings.

As to software, I am working very hard to maintain proper licensed copies of software on my PCs.

However, I make use of low cost alternatives as much as possible.
I picked up Corel Suite for under $10 rather than spending $250 for Office.

I buy OEM versions whenever possible.


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Food from their mouths???

by kg5vw In reply to Do you pirate software, m ...

I'm not in the industry and can't give you factual numbers to back this up, but I suspect that a major artist make more money from concert tours, guest appearances, and product endorsements than they make from the sale of their CD's. Again, just my opinion on this matter. By the time Wal-mart gets their cut, the shipper gets his cut, the manufacturer gets his and the label get theirs, the actual fee that gets paid to the artist is less than $5 a CD!!! Say an artist like Celine Dion sells a million CD's, that's $5 million. How much did they pay her to do the shows at the new place in Las Vegas? I don't know the exact amount, but think it is in excess of $30 million (and I think it could really be closer to $60 million). Someone like this or Garth Brooks, or whoever is that big, I don't think you are taking anything from their kids mouths. Granted they are due the money if you use the product, but if you sample it and decide you don't like it you should dispose of it, and, I do not think it should be shared like Napster and Kazaa did (or do still). I do think it should be allowed to be purchased online thru an authorized music service. And when you do, you should be able to use it for your own personal use as much as you want. Don't limit how many copies or computers you can put it on or how many CD's you can burn it to. I can buy it on cassette and make as many copies as I need, why not on this media?

To answer your deep, burning question, no I don't share music files anymore, haven't since the end of Napster. I've made sure that both of my teenaged kids computers are clean and that they know the consequences of their actions should they choose to go against my wishes. BTW, are you working under cover for the RIAA to try to instigate some kind of list of possible theives?


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Your demographics are cut off

by Oz_Media In reply to Food from their mouths???

"I do think it should be allowed to be purchased online thru an authorized music service."

The demographic audience for the main pop industry is 11-17. (No credit cards, no online purchases)

Online music purchases are useless anyhow, no cover inserts, lyrics etc. It's been tried and died. Look at Apple with i-Tunes, they had an agreement with Apple records that they could use the name APPLE if they didn't have anything to do with the music industry, they open up i-Tunes so people can pay for downloaded music, and the artists are compensated, but APPLE MUsic made a big fuss because now Apple Computers are in the music industry, thus breaching the Apple>Apple contract. They just can't win, record labels are whiny corporate bullies that want it all. Just look at the artists they spawn.

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no and no

by maxwell edison In reply to Do you pirate software, m ...

No, I don't pirate software, and no, I don't download free music or movies.

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Listen to..

by onbliss In reply to Do you pirate software, m ...

..the car radio. I got digital cable. To me it seems they have zillion music channels. So listen to them when ever I feel like.

Software...well we buy the student versions ... cheaper :-)

BTW, during the old DOS days...did'nt MS really benefit by the rampant installation (pirated software) of DOS on the user PCs. The same users pirate Windows 3, 3.1, 3.11, 9x...but down somewhere they started becoming brand loyal and bought legitimate software.

Like OZ mentions, may there is some benefit....

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Good not Bad?

by jkaras In reply to Do you pirate software, m ...

Well it looks like that excludes both OZ and me from this discussion. But being the devil's advocates that we are we will contribute :).
See my previous posting in the other tread.
Yes I'm a sinner, I pirate, I share with others, I'm so ashamed and need a support group. I gain only enlightenment from exchanging music that I've never heard broadening my perspectives as well as with the others. I copy so my originals dont get damaged or lost in the borrowing sequence. I love sharing as I was taught as a little boy. Even the copies I get I still buy the original, go to the movies, collect the dvds giving the artists their just dues. No ones hurt, money is spent to the economy, and I'm pleased with my purchase rather than being cheated from an inferior product. Why is it that we can return anything but music, movies, software without determining quality? I can return a toilet, food, car to name a few, I dont sport a pirate getup but think the fashion revolution is afoot to go really retro. Why is everything about morality determined with monitary compensation?

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