Do you prefer Marketing or Digital Marketing?

By xuanmaiemars ·
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I confuse with this so much. What do you think which ones is more important? The normal marketing or the digital marketing?

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Digital Marketing

by tapatisasi In reply to Do you prefer Marketing o ...

I prefer Digital marketing because the world has becoming as a digital village

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It depends...

by mindboggler In reply to Do you prefer Marketing o ...

I would say it really depends on your target. Some marketers and promoters still believe that e-mail marketing is the best way to reach future customers while others think that those days are long gone and only Facebook, Instagram and Twitter matter now. On the other hand, some other people would still go for traditional marketing techniques. So it is really up to you and what you want to promote or sell as a service or product. I would recommend that you check out some Udemy courses ( where you may find even free ones (if you find coupons) on this topic. There are quite professional and useful ones for 10-20 dollars, so it may be worth your time and money to have an overall outlook on this ways you can use beneficial marketing techniques today.

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Digital Marketing

by aegissofttech In reply to Do you prefer Marketing o ...

Trend of Technology, All types of business are develop quickly with modern technology and generate better revenues so Digital marketing is best option

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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

by victoria12martin In reply to Do you prefer Marketing o ...

Digital marketing has by no means replaced the traditional marketing mix. We know this because ads still cover our screens and reading material every day. I think digital marketing has changed and expanded the landscape within which these ads reach us. Well, both the marketing technologies have their two sides. I think we can use both Digital & Traditional Marketing, the only thing that is important is high-quality content.
If I would be asked to choose one of them, I would surely prefer Digital marketing.

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Traditional Marketing

by hg1364338 In reply to Do you prefer Marketing o ...

If your business just want to reach the people nearby your business then this traditional marketing perfectly fits to be a marketing strategy. Just like passing out flyers, printing posters and even meeting ambasssadors to be a guest in your public event. But to make it effective, you need also to put it in digital marketing so, many people next to your city would now your events [ insert digital marketers]. For my opinion, you can keep the traditional marketing [mastering the basic - traditional marketing] then proceed with digital for longest run and documentations.

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by Alice Samanta In reply to Do you prefer Marketing o ...

I think the amalgamation of both digital marketing and marketing works fine in this rapid changing technology

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Digital Marketing/Traditional

by jasonzimmer64 In reply to Do you prefer Marketing o ...

Both digital marketing and regular marketing have their place. Neither is better just in certain situations one may be more effective. Due to the current technology craze, digital marketing has been skyrocketing and is a very popular field. Although, we still continue marketing due to its effectiveness.

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Of course Digital Marketing!

by sonyrobin In reply to Do you prefer Marketing o ...

Digital marketing is a great platform to expand business or product or service anything.

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Digital Marketing

by Thaslim26 In reply to Do you prefer Marketing o ...

I'd always go with Digital Marketing. Because, Today's world is digitalised, smartphone users and internet users are growing at a rapid as we all knew. If you are running a business which targets global customers then digital marketing is highly a recommended one. Even if you're a local business still digital marketing (online marketing) is a vital one you shouldn't avoid to reach your business to local customers through advertisements.

In digital marketing, we have four types of methodologies,
1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - people called it PPC - Online advertisements on search engine result pages on top of organic results
2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) - Advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - The organic search results underneath the advertisements. You don't have to spend your single penny instead you need to put a lot of efforts to get your webpage on top of search results to get free traffic and leads from search engines
4. Social Media Optimization (SMO) - Create business profiles on popular social media platforms (as I listed above) and share your business latest news, offers, tips and tricks, products and services to your customers by regularly sharing interesting stuff related your niche.

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An integrated Marketing Approach

by stephenchongsg In reply to Do you prefer Marketing o ...

I think both the styles of Marketing have their own importance. Today we are giving preference to the digital marketing but its the Ground marketing which is Responsible for customer interaction and local sales build up. so an Integrated Approach is worthy.

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