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Do you still have to support Win9X ?

By jdclyde ·
I have about twenty systems that are still running win98, and will have them until they die. At that point, they get replaced with a new system that has XPsp2.

My problem is it seems like it is harder and harder to get driver support and software updates for third party programs.

Anyone else having this issue?

I DREAD when I get to the point of only two or three.

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Sure, Y not?

by dawgit In reply to Do you still have to supp ...

I used to think that it was a bad idea to even have them around, but I've since Changed my mind. Sure, you're correct in that finding drivers or anything else for Win9x is difficult. I did and still do have the same problem. But once you dig through all your, and your friends old stuff that just didn't get pitched out, you'll be like a king of the mountain. (it really take much after all, there wasn't a lot to begain with, if anyone remembers) There are just certain machines that were made to run on a Win9x OS, (those made before a Linux distro was popular) and they still perform terific if used within their abilities. It still makes NO sense to me to be spending good money replacing good machines before their time. (and?, besides, it's a total waste of resources, and the landfills are full of still working computers) I had forgoten how easy and simple, and fun, it was to in the computing field, untill I gave up on a computer, and put the original OS back on. Wow, it ran like it was brand new. (and I had saved big $$s too) To me it's not a problem, it's a possible solution.

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Of course

by lhatcher In reply to Do you still have to supp ...

Yeah I still have about 10 to 15 98 machines, and a couple of 95 machines around. These are strictly for light users, mostly just email. I find myself spending less time on these than my xp machines, but I dont know if that is because the power users are using the xp machines, and therefore harder on them or what?

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They are more reliable!

by dawgit In reply to Of course

ok, maybe a little less secure, but the OS and the basic computers didn't get out-dated because they weren't reliable & dependable. (they just couldn't keep up in the speed game) And the use you describe is excelent for those machines. You won't find better. (in fact, a 'New' thin client, with WinCE, or, as a Linux terminal, is not much better)

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oh, another point...

by dawgit In reply to Do you still have to supp ...

One thing I have found to work real well for me, and I would recomend this to you. When ever I see, or get my paws on something for a Win9x OS, I burn it to a CD, (make copies of it too) then I have all what I need in hand, at the ready. (My Win9x CD with all the drivers and programs for a FAT32 sys.) (...&, yes, even 1 for DOS & FAT16, for old, or new, embeded systems) Just a tip.

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by Choppit In reply to Do you still have to supp ...

I'm still supporting Win98, Win95 and a 3.1 box although the bulk of my systems are now XP.

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I like Win98 SE

by zlitocook In reply to Do you still have to supp ...

It is still the best O/S Microsoft put out because it could compleatly chash and you could still reload over it and it would work great. Yes you still had to load all the drivers but you did not have to see if they fit the HCL and after the reload all the files and most of the programs were still there. Try that with XP! And Win98 SE was a great way to use older programs; like clone CD and other software. XP is only a selective software and stops you if you if you need software that needs access to the root.

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Yes and I went around the problem

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Do you still have to supp ...

I have an old client who has several machines that use specialised applications that will work in Win 98 and Win 98 SE but not in any later version of Windows. He could update to the current version of the apps but sees no reason to pay $20,000 to update them all and learn the changes when the old ones do fine. We had been getting along by using old peripheral equipment for which we could get Win 98 drivers, but that has become harder and harder.

Thinking outside the box, I have (after a lot of explaining) convinced him to switch his whole operation over to Fedora Core 4 with WINE. By taking a bit of care in what peripherals to buy there is no problem with running any but the latest bleeding edge equipment and all his apps work perfectly in WINE. One very happy fellow, now.

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by dawgit In reply to Yes and I went around the ...

a VMWare solution would also work for that situation, but would be more expensive.

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