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Do you think, there are no such big role of development to make a website?

By fisherjames731 ·
People always focus on design part when they make his business or other type website, but they don't even realize that web development part is also the important part of this.

have you any other opinion?

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role of development to make a website

by enlivenskillsmarke In reply to Do you think, there are n ...

According to me, websites design as well as development both are much important. A great and responsive website design attract everyone while a good development or On-site development make it easy for search engine to crawl well and make it visible to more audience.

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by codyhay In reply to role of development to ma ...

Yes, I completely agree with you for a website success all the effort of designer, developer and SEO are counts.

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Web development

by contact1550492909 In reply to Do you think, there are n ...

Let say web design presented trough Wix.com and WordPress.com is the face and Web development trough https://exai.com is bone structure.So yea as much you dedicated to one then the same time is must for other.
They are connected and bond each other.Its all depends from structure.

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Digital marketing

by gracehadid123 In reply to Do you think, there are n ...

Designing and web development are interrelated with each other. As nowadays the content management platforms provide everything you required to build a website. However, the development comes under by default. So I would say development is equally required when the website is developed.

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Web development is important

by Hermoinegeorge555 In reply to Do you think, there are n ...

well no I beg to differ. web developing is a bond and it depends on its structure. They're all connected in some way.

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