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Do you trust SpySweeper, by webroot?

By jdclyde ·
I am not sure I trust this program.

I have the full package installed. Was at a security expo a few months ago, and they were handing out the full package free.

I have auto update turned off, yet it is still trying to contact home? Zone alarm said something and I said no. There wasn't anything I told it to go out for. X-(

When you select "shutdown" from the spysweeper menu, there are still a few processes running that I "do not have permission to stop".

When I load a program, I want to know what it is doing, and when it is doing it. I talked to the sales guy because I am testing this to see if I want to get it for work and he said he would have a tech call to answer my questions. Two weeks later, still no call.

Sorry, I just don't trust it. Do you?

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Can you really trust any product?

by stress junkie In reply to Do you trust SpySweeper, ...

As I see it there are two areas of trust. One is whether the product behaves as advertised. The other is whether the product is deliberately malicious. When it comes to whether products will behave as advertised I don't fully trust any software product. When it comes to whether a product is really malware in disguise I do trust a bunch of products.

I've never heard of WebRoot so I haven't got a definite opinion, but the fact that I haven't heard of it makes me cautious about the quality of the product if not its intended function.

Is that just a bunch of cr-p? I was wondering that as I wrote it.

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I have heard of spysweeper for a while

by jdclyde In reply to Can you really trust any ...

And one of the first things I do with a product or company is type in their name and complaints into google to see what it turns up. Never found anything bad about them.

and yes, it is a bunch of crap...

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I also have the full

by zlitocook In reply to Do you trust SpySweeper, ...

Version but I have used it since it came out. I do not trust most software! When I build a new computer, I install allot of programs and I know at least some of them try to talk to a server.
I run process explorer, zone alarm, a hard ware firewall and a firewall that comes with the ISP service I use. Yes I am paranoid and proud of it.
The Spy sweeper dose a good job but I also use Adaware, CCleaner, window washer and Xsoft.
I run Windows XP and I will run as much as I need to protect my computer. I do not keep any personal information on the computer; I do not use my bank or credit card on line. But I do use Pay PAL, they are now protected, but I don?t trust that ether.
I have ID protection but that only protects you to a point and after that you have to prove you have not spent the money they say you have.

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by jdclyde In reply to I also have the full

When I specifically have automatic updates turned off, and the program attempts to contact their site anyways, I am suspect and don't like it.

When I tell something to shut down and it only pretends to, I am suspect and I don't like it.

I was really hoping to find some people that have used this in a corporate environment that could vouch for it or tell me that I am dead on.

As it stands right now, they will not be getting my companies business, nor anyone that asks my opinion of what packages to purchase.

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Trust it, yes; rely on it, no.

by deepsand In reply to ~sigh~

The company is both well esatablished and quite reputable, and its product is considered a trusted application; and, it yields a very low number of false negtives.

My problem with it, that which caused me to stop using it, is that I was observing too many false positives to suit me.

After trying many, I've pretty much settled on Grisoft's AV product (even their free product is industrial strength; but I don't like their new AdWare product), in combination with Spybot Search & Destroy. I occasionally do a sweep with AdAware, but it too yields more false positives than I care to see.

Needless to say, all of this from behind a firewall.

PS - Enabling auto-updates, along with regularly scheduled daily sweeps, are well advised. Grisoft's AVG auto-updates appear almost every day, so that the time that they consume is negligible, are schedulable, and provide for unsurpassed timeliness.

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I run AVG

by jdclyde In reply to Trust it, yes; rely on it ...

but as this is a laptop, I will tell it when I want it to do the updates, and I stay on top of it.

Sure, if this was a users pc I would have the autoupdate going, but I can handle manual just find.

When I am done for the evening, I always have it run either a scan of some sort, defrag, or some other cleanup.

I think in the morning, this will get uninstalled.

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If not online 24/7, then auto-updates not as practical.

by deepsand In reply to I run AVG

For machines that are always up, including my own, I set AVG for auto-updates and scans, SpyBot S&amp for manual updates (they're much less frequent that AVG's) with auto-scan, ZoneAlarm for manual updates, and AdAware for both manual updates and scans.

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Spyware Doctor is the Best !

by jerome_mitchell In reply to ~sigh~

I have used spysweeper and it kept running processes even when I exit the program.
my computer started to slow down, so I took it to a tech who told me spysweeper WAS spyware.
Never used it again. Now I use spyware doctor along with spyware blaster(auto-updates) and mcafee secuity suit. NO PROBLEMS !!! I also use ad-aware personal as a back up.

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I had to choose between Spyware Doctor and Sweeper

by zbatia In reply to Spyware Doctor is the Bes ...

I had to choose between Spyware doctor and Sweeper carefully considering pros and cons. Also, I have tested both with a hard-to-remove spyware at one of the customers' desktop. Both of them found the spyware correctly and both were able to remove it. Each of them has the problem. The Spyware doctor "eats" about 50% of CPU utilization in the active monitor mode. The sweeper eats a lot of memory. I bought the Spyware doctor but I use it gently, not in all modes at the same time.

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by trentr746 In reply to ~sigh~

I have used Spysweeper in the past, and found it to be a very good product. I have installed in on really badly spyware infected computers, and it does a great job of removing the threats.

However, yes I noticed that it left processes running after it had been shutdown. But did you have both program AND definition files updates turned off? Chances are it was checking for a new definition file.

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