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Do you use a seperate PC or create a virtual machine to run P2P software?

By Why Me Worry? ·
I created a separate virtual machine using VMWare to run peer to peer file sharing software. The unfortunate thing with many end users is that they don't realize that P2P software like Limewire and Morpheuus is loaded with adware, spyware, and all sorts of nasty junk that one would rather not have on their hard drive. I also run anti-virus sofware on my VM and in the worst case scenario should my VM become infected with a nasty virus, worm, or spyware, all I do is **** it away and create a new virtual disk. Virtualization is an excellent way of creating a quarantined test environment, but not too many people know of it or know the full benefits attributed to it.

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This is the way to go

by mjd420nova In reply to Do you use a seperate PC ...

It doesn't really have to be VMWARE to get a system to work like you have. Any OS can be set up that way, I service a large number of users who have just that, one machine that is used for P2P, that have a disposable and reloadable OS. Some users even set up a machine for game users and another for those who feel the need to surf for porn. They get infected and wiped daily.

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Thats why (he worries) uses the thing!

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to This is the way to go

feels the need perhaps.

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And you don't use P2P software?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Thats why (he worries) us ...

How innocent and righteous of you.

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For what exactly?

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to And you don't use P2P sof ...
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What do you use it for?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to And you don't use P2P sof ...

I've never done anything with it. I have a grasp of the principles but I'm not sure what I'd do with it. Does it allow you to set up an Internet-based equivalent of a Windows workgroup?

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You not willing to tell us then???

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to And you don't use P2P sof ...

must be ILLEGAL then.

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by Jaqui In reply to Do you use a seperate PC ...

The only peer to peer software I use is bit torrent. to download linux .iso files.
so I use whichever machine I'm on to start the download, and I don't use any VM technology, I don't need it.

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Seperate PC

by rob In reply to Do you use a seperate PC ...

I use a separate PC for Bit Torrent for security. It doesn't take much, current system is an old PII Dell laptop. I just don't trust my PC with downloads.

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This is the way to go

by donengene In reply to Do you use a seperate PC ...

I use windows installed in VMware, because after I download and transfer files, I can then revert the Virtual Machine so it doesn't get viruses. Also using a VM and only seting up port forwarding only to send to the address for the virtual Net Adapter, keeps you host machine safe from intrusion. Although, some hackers still try to gain access to all of the computers on your network, so you still need to have firewall software such as norton internet security or windows one care to detect intrusions into your host os. I haven't had any issues, with viruses because I scan the files inside the Virtual Machine before I transfer them either via FTP or SMB windows file copy to a share on the host machine.

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