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Do you use ITIL?

By jmgarvin ·
Is it worth it? Do you actually use it? Are you going to move to v3?

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I'm interested in any replies to this.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Do you use ITIL?

I'd like to know how others have implemented this. I get the feeling it's one of those things many would like to do but are not really sure how.

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I'm curious if people are moving to v3...

by jmgarvin In reply to I'm interested in any rep ...

I'm also curious because the company I now work for sells tools to help implement ITIL, but the big question is how many corporations really do change management, incident/problem management, etc??

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I think that we all do...

by dawgit In reply to Do you use ITIL?

already, in some degree, just that we don't know it. I also agree with the Gentleman from the lost state of SC. (sorry Palmetto, you beauty-tennie-queen still has me chuckling, and wondering) There just hasn't been clear guide lines out as to how to use the concept of ITIL. We will have to though, to be able to meet certain compliance requirements. I just wish there was a better program for implentation. I do follow IDC for a lot of help in that dept. -d

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I hear that a lot

by jmgarvin In reply to I think that we all do...

A lot of government and banking place have to implement some form of ITIL (at least a few pieces of it).

I'm really curious who is doing it, if they attended any classes, and what tool(s) they are using.

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Yes, and probably you should too

by elliot_west In reply to Do you use ITIL?

I think of people will find that they use elements of ITIL without actually realizing it. But really the question is like this: Do you use common sense in Service Management? So the question is it worth it? Well when has common sense not been worth implementing?. So yes we use it, and yes we are updating to ITILv3. However there is no real problem to do so as V3 really just plugs some of the gaps of V2 and builds on what was already there. Many of the processes defined in V2 are still current in V3 - Incident & Problem etc.

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by jasb In reply to Yes, and probably you sho ...

How does ITIL help you do your job?

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How disappointing.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Do you use ITIL?

I was hoping this topic would take off, but it did nothing. jmg, thanks for starting it anyway.

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ITIL and the use of it

by rob mekel In reply to How disappointing.

As dawgit says before and yes that's already some few month back we're all using ITIL in one way or another.

Let's look into ITIL.
What's the basic thing in it. It's only to manage your IT-infrastructure in a controlled way. To manage something you must now what you want to manage. You can put the info in some kind of spreadsheet or in a database or ... What ever you find handy to work with. (CMDB)
If you want to change some part of the infrastructure (hardware or software like) you likely wanna know in advance what the impact will be. (Change Management).
If a change is approved you wanna make sure it is rolled-out in the proper way.
If users have troubles working with it you wanna know to improve things or educate the user. (Helpdesk) If it's a persistent issue you wanna make sure it's dealt with properly (problem management)
Oh and likely your management wants to know what the costs of all of this are (including maintaining the ITIL-system), know for sure that the data is integer and well protected, save from intruders, mal-practision, etc

I know for sure that a small business will handle all of this different then a 10-of-thousands big company.


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