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Do you work on freelance web/software projects outside of your day job?

By jonathan.moo ·
I'm just wondering if there are many people who engage in freelance web/software projects while having a day job as a software engineer or a web developer themselves.

If so, how do you exactly juggle the time to focus on your day job while you engage in freelance projects? Do you use project management tools, or any time saving tips to get the job done efficiently and effectively?

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by john.a.wills In reply to Do you work on freelance ...
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Not exactly

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Do you work on freelance ...

I do some IT consulting freelancing, mainly servers configuration and preparation.
This don't take time, just few hours and we are done.

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by mary2015 In reply to Not exactly

Same here. I do it after work hours and/or during the weekends.

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by epikur In reply to Do you work on freelance ...
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Not Yet

by junaidahmed61 In reply to Do you work on freelance ...

Yet I am not doing the freelancing but I am thinking of doing so. These are so much busy days for me in the day job that I also work a lot from home. Once I get relax from day job I will do freelancing.

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Microsoft SCCM, Windows Server 2012, Web Development Expert

by ambermanix In reply to Do you work on freelance ...

Web Development Expert (CONTRACT)
Location : Baltimore, MD

Duration : ASAP – 04/30/2014 ( Might get extended by a year or so·

Extensive object-oriented and Web programming experience in SQL, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, C languages, HTML, and XML.

· Extensive experience in SQL Server 2012, Server 2012, Server 2008, and Windows 7.

· Extensive experience using Systems Management Software (SMS) and SCCM, including experience with SMS 2003 and SCCM 2007.

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Working 3 jobs

by Crintel In reply to Do you work on freelance ...

Having a schedule and strictly sticking to it is important. It will be hard at first but it's easy once you get used to it. I have two full-time job and a freelance part-time job and learning to stop thinking about the other project when you're working on another is very important. Multi-tasking will also have a huge impact to the quality of work, at least on my end it does so I make sure I only focus on what I do and nothing else.

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by harveywilkins In reply to Do you work on freelance ...

Not yet but i am planning cause right now i am still managing a CRM system in Finland country at and i am still enjoying and learning it but i am hoping to have some freelance part time job to have an extra income.

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Freelancing can be fun if you know how to manage the time properly

by Jennifer86 In reply to Do you work on freelance ...

If you are associated with freelancing besides doing a day job then you must know how to manage your time properly, only then you can survive as a successful freelancer. Start by organizing routine that suits your working style. It is important to keep the basic fundamentals of project management in mind for freelance web designers in order to grow business.According to the oldest method of project management a freelancer should finish the previous step before moving to the next. It allows you to inform the clients about the overall budget timeline so clients tend to choose it. Some freelancer prefers to use a different strategy.In this method a freelancer creates version which operates small projects from beginning to end. In order to handle a project efficiently organization is the key to success.

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by AamiB In reply to Do you work on freelance ...

Usually it is not possible to take your time out for any kind of freelancing while doing your work time. Though i am witnessed few of these guys who are doing work along with freelancing projects but they are sacrificing their office work and that is in justice. If you want to do freelancing along with your office work so my suggestion is to keep your freelancing time short and do it after or before your duty timings.

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