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Doc Extension on Exe Downloads.

By carmar ·
I posted this question the other day and have had only one response which did not solve the problem..
When I go to download any EXE file. The download box comes up with the name of the file correctly stated in the name box below in the file type box it says .doc The only option listed is all files. if I proceed with the download the file is named xxxxx.exe.doc and shows up as a wordpad document. I am unable to change the file Extension. Zip files and others seem to download ok. It is only the.exe files. I have checked for Virus and that is all clean.. The only thing I can think of to try is to reload Win Xp over the existing one and see if it clears it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Win XP with Netscape 7.0


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Doc Extension on Exe Downloads.

by TheChas In reply to Doc Extension on Exe Down ...

Do NOT re-install XP!!!

Unlike Windows 9X, when you re-install XP over itself, you start out fresh.
No installed programs, Windows updates, or user information is carried over to the new install.

Open Windows Explorer.

Click on tools, folder options.

Click on the file types tab.

Scroll down, and check for a file association for both DOC and EXE files.

When you find the file association, click on it, then click the advanced button.

I have no entry for .exe
I do have .doc associated with Wordpad.
The options listed are

Does this same behavior happen when you use IE?

If so, you may need to edit the registry to correct the problem.
CAUTION: editing the registry can disable your PC.
There are keys in the registry for each file type.
You may have additional or corrupted entries in the key data for exe file types.

If not, then it is a Netscape user setting or problem.
Either update to Netscape 7.1, or give Mozilla a try.

Mozilla is just under 1/2 the size of Netscape with no AOL bloat.


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Doc Extension on Exe Downloads.

by Uch In reply to Doc Extension on Exe Down ...

Choose for yourself!

Reload XP & all other applications


Edit the default associated filesTypes for .EXE & .DOC. Its located on the TOOLS menu-->Folder Options--->File Types Tab.


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