Docking station power

By kenspurlin ·
A local office closed and I acquired some stuff third-hand. A Dell Latitude D600 works fine with power connected directly, but when in docking station, I get a screen that says there's not enough power. It says either undock or use an appropriate adapter. Why? I tried two docking stations and two identical power adapters. The only option given is to press F1 to shut down.

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New power adapter

by shhite In reply to Docking station power

I would trying getting a new AC/DC adapter that is specifically for the docking station. You don't know if the company before you was using the right kind. Maybe they didnt need it cause they were not using the docking stations. You never know.

Post back with results or questions.


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Specific for Docking Station

by eroberts In reply to Docking station power

I would try to find the power supply meant to go with that docking station. I have a docking station for my laptop and the docking station has a much larger power unit than the adapter for the laptop. The docking station adapter is rated for 120W were as the laptop adapter is only rated for 90W

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That's the way Dell made it.

by Kenone In reply to Docking station power

There is a power block for the docking station and a different one for the laptop.
The laptop power supply is smaller and supplies less wattage. You can use the docking station PS with the laptop but you can't use the laptop PS with the docking station.
We stopped buying the laptop PSs because the size difference was negligible and we only needed to worry about re-ordering one model.

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Someone may have switched

by The Scummy One In reply to Docking station power

the notebook power adapter with the dock. It happens here often enough with HP business notebooks.
On the HP, there are 3 power adapters, the 65 Watt -- notebook only
the 90 Watt -- notebook or dock (if in dock a message will display periodically that some things may be disabled until a higher capacity adapter is used).
and the 120 Watt -- Dock only

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