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Doctor-patient relationship is really doctor-insurance-patient

By joeller ·
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Problem with Obama care is that it is still profit based health care

by joeller In reply to Doctor-patient relationsh ...

When they designed this scheme to provide health care to all the people in the country, they were so concern with making not appear to be "socialized medicine" that at every turn they made sure that the insurence companies were still getting the profit and still having the power and merely some what restricted their ability to deny coverage. What they should have done was provide something like the president said in his 2008 election campaign which was to allow everyone to buy into the same insurance that covers members of Congress and the President. (I believe that was $46.00/month.) That would provide a huge savings of scale to that insurance provider and two lower the cost to the medicare and medicaid system by paying insurance premiums instead of actual bills and send the cost of accounting to the insurance provider instead of the federal government. It would also be a lot lower that the cost of the insurance that most people currently pay. Then any one who wanted to take on other insurance should still be allowed. While I applaud the idea of like Car liability insurance, requiring to that everyone is covered, I think the cost of enforcing this will be too great and that any savings in Medical cost would be transferred to enforcement. I think instead that if after lowering the cost of insurance, then if you are too stupid to have insurance then the health care provider should be able to call on the government to get their money back by garnishing you taxes until you do pay. Too many time people refused to pay their medical bills. In addition, in many states the Health Care providers are not allowed to sue to get their money when the former patients refused to pay or attach the estate when the patient dies. This causes all the rest of use to foot the bill for these deadbeats. Finally there should be malpractice reform so that patient are still able to sue for real malpractice (like amputating the wrong leg), but will eliminate the frivolous suites filed by the TV ambulance chasing lawyers who figure to get a settlement because the defendant wish to abate the nuisance and protect their reputation.

(In addition, as I found out when my Mom became eligible for Medicare, the coverage provided by her long time HMO changed, to become much less inclusive, with more rigamarole and hoops to jump through. It was still Kaiser, but it wasn't the same Kaiser. I don't understand why this should be.)

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You're in the wrong country then

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Doctor-patient relationsh ...

In BC (Canada) medical premiums are $54/mo. You can also go out and get extended insurance, which covers lost wages, extended benefits etc. (most decent employers offer extended medical after 3 months).

If you don't pay your medical premiums, you are STILL COVERED, but the meter is always running and the bills get higher and higher. The Canada Revenue Agency (tax folks) manages medical premiums now, if you are behind too far and they have been unable to contact you and make payment arrangements, they keep tax refunds, HST rebates etc until the debt is paid. If you still don't get them paid up, they can garnish your wages. There's no way out.

Unemployed get free medical through the welfare system and VERY low income earners get a subsidized medial (something like $25/mo I think).

Either way, medical is not opt in, its mandatory. Premiums are affordable and they do collect if they need to. Sounds like you are just too far south to get what you desire though.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to You're in the wrong count ...

Here in Nova Scotia, you have to actually be on welfare to qualify for something like that, being on EI wouldn’t make a difference.
Things are different in NS, we have MSI, covered medical a point. You pretty much just have to be a legal Canadian citizen and BC . BC has a totally different set up. Under MSI, there is no charge to a patient (normally) for a doctor’s office visit. But, there are charges if you don’t show up for your appointment and there is often a charge for medical notes for absences for work.
I'm not sure what the rest of your medical is like ie: prescription medications. Here it's full price if you don't have some sort of medical plan through a workplace or on your own. We would be in pretty bad shape if we had to pay full price for it all; my husband is a heart patient and I have arthritis in my neck and back that I have to take meds for; we’re grateful he has a career with decent medical/dental/pension at a decent premium cost. Required surgeries are covered here, cosmetics ones are not. Our dental and glasses are not 100% covered but the costs are a lot less with coverage. Children have basic dental coverage under MSI until they are 10 yrs old then they fall under health coverage if one has it.
I find it interesting that there is such a difference between our two health care systems. I figured most provinces were the same as NS with an MSI type health care; I was mistaken.

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