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Document b4 Administrator retires??

By admin12345 ·
My company's Director/Network Administrator is retiring. He was the only on who did anything with the servers and routers until I got hired a few weeks ago.

Basicly he has all the answers and I just need the right questions to ask him. Does anyone have a list for document a network that I could use. Or a web site that speak about documenting a newtork.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank You

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Document b4 Administrator retires??

by doc_howell In reply to Document b4 Administrator ...

Are you a religious person. Prayer is your best hope.

I don't know anywhere that will tell you anything that can help you in the short amount of time you may have. But here is my advice.

If your ol'timer has a network map, use it, if he doesn't ask him to sit down and draw one up for you. He can probably do it out of his head. If you can't get the map then write it out in list form. Get some idea of every major piece of network equipment, where it is located and any password or vendor documentation that may exist on it. If he has the documentation, there is a good chance he kept notes in it. Make your own map so that you understand how every piece is connected and what relies on what to get from point A to point B.

Find out what protocols you use, what IP addresses you may use and where and how they are assigned.

How many people are on your network? What do they do on the network? Do you have file servers? Who manages E-mail, internet access, web servers? Who else in your organization has expertise that you might can turn to if you need help? Is the Ol'timer going to hang around and fish or is he heading to Europe with the honey for a long waited for holiday? If he will be around will he at least help bail you out of any major messes?

Bottom line is, a well designed network can stay up and error free for a long time but when it goes down, you need to know what all the pieces are and how they interact to get it back up. Take the time you have to squeeze as muchknowledge out of the one who built it. Oh, and pass my best wishes on to fellow that has finally made it to a well deserved accomplishment. I'll bet he and I could swap stories on acoustic couplers, card readers and teletype machines. My day will come.

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Document b4 Administrator retires??

by admin12345 In reply to Document b4 Administrator ...

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Document b4 Administrator retires??

by admin12345 In reply to Document b4 Administrator ...

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