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Document Mgmt vs. Retention

By Just Jo ·
I've been given a project to research. The title is "document management". I've read various white papers and sales brochures on document management and retention. For what we're wanting to do, I think I have the wrong title.

We are trying to consolidate all the documents in a single, searchable location -- this is document management and retention. The thing that is confusing me is that we want to be able to work on documents that are in this "location" from start to finish.

From what I've found out, most programs create a database and you can define searchable terms for scanned, emailed, and electronic documents. The handling of "live" documents is harder to do.

I'm needing to find programs that will let us all save our documents in a single place even though were still working on them.

I'm thinking this is two separate issues:
1. Document management for final versions of documents, external materials (i.e. invoices), and/or scanned information.
2. Document _______ for controlling documents created and edited (multiple times). These should be searchable by anyone at any time to see if there is already someone working on something similar. Eventually, these documents would be placed into the doc. mgmt. system.

Did any of this make sense? Any help would be great.


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Well, I can fill in your blank.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Document Mgmt vs. Retenti ...

"2. Document _______ for controlling documents created and edited (multiple times)."

I think a collaboration tool is what you're looking for.

We use a very old version of DocsOpen for organizing and storing our historical documents. New versions of this app are available. I haven't investigated them so I don't know if the product now includes collaboration tools, but there are products that combine the two functions.

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There are some programs like GoFileRoom

by faradhi In reply to Document Mgmt vs. Retenti ...

and CCH Document. But those are marketed towards accounting firms.

Also look at Captaris (The spelling my be wrong) has a product called Alchemy that may fit your needs.

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by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Document Mgmt vs. Retenti ...

I've used OnBase in the past to address these requirements.

It can be pricey, but the functionalities and compatibility with other systems were worth it. Plus, it was very scalable.

Document Mall is a SaaS tool I've also used in the past.

While not as robust as OnBase (imo), it never gave me any headaches, and it offered some advantages inherent to the SaaS model.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!

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Document management systems

by AV . In reply to Document Mgmt vs. Retenti ...

Hi Jo,

There are several document management systems that can do what your looking for. I don't know what size company you work for, but I can recommend Interwoven. It uses SQL for its database. It works by creating a profile for each document that is searchable and also has a searchable full-text index. It has version control and allows you to set up rules for the lifecycle management of each type of document. It has security so you can have public, private and view-only documents. A similar competitor of Interwoven is Hummingbird DM (now owned by Opentext).

A cheaper document management system is Worldox. Interwoven and Hummingbird DM are expensive though. You may pay between $300 to $400 per seat, but it is well worth the money. I think Interwoven has a small business version (it was called Primera) which might be a bit cheaper.


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Doc suggests you check out AIIM if you have not done so

by DocuMentor (Doc) In reply to Document management syste ...

Not sure if you have checked out or joined AIIM, will cover more on DMS, CMS and has a list of upcoming events. Cheers. Doc the DocuMentor

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This looks like a job for

by Dr Dij In reply to Document Mgmt vs. Retenti ...

they specialize in education and seminars, webinars on ECM, ERM, etc.

Sharepoint is good but has gaps. - clearview is a product that builds on top of sharepoint to fill in the gaps and is reasonably inexpensive.

products like filenet are on the high end but include all you need (and you can buy modularly so you don't get what you don't need)

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You make total sense Jo

by DocuMentor (Doc) In reply to Document Mgmt vs. Retenti ...

Makes total sense Jo, I'd love an update on where you are at today. The differences between content, document and collaboration can be nutty. So, it may be helpful to check out The DocuMentor blog on TR's sister site ZDNet. It's at

Nonetheless, you've given me a good idea for a post.

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