Documenting a high traffic website!

By umairsani ·
I am working for a high traffic website that continues to grow at an accelerated pace, in terms of customers, website traffic and of course revenue.

We had been planning things on a very short term basis and therefore, no clear documentation exists.

After expanding in all possible dimensions simultaneously, we now feel it???s time for consolidation and now thinking of documenting the ???monster??? by interacting with business and technology stakeholders, small isolate pieces of documentation, source code and comments in it.

We want to keep this ???content management system??? alive and gradually make sure all stakeholders utilize it in understanding current state of the product(that is the website), building or improving any of its areas, using this system to train new comers.

Oh???did I mention our people HATE documentation AND that the website lacks what can be called a very good structure???meaning there is a lot of patch work!

Strategies, anyone ?

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Several problems and opportunities here...

by robo_dev In reply to Documenting a high traffi ...

first of all, there are two very different things your're asking for.

One is ECM (Enterprise Content Management), which is how you collaborate with shared data across the company. ECMs can be everything from glorified Document-management systems to full-blown workflow-integrated systems integrated with your email (e.g. Sharepoint).

When you say the words 'Content Management System' (CMS), most people assume you're talking about Web content management system (WCMS), such as Ektron CMS or Joomla. Here you're taking all that messy and gooey Web development work and getting it organized, managed, and controlled.

The documentation side is really your easiest task. Static documentation is a fairly easy thing to do, and the content can be managed easily with a ECMS, or just with a simple internal website.

But in order to do the interaction and building part, you need the WCMS.

Beware, though, that getting married to a WCMS can be a love-hate affair. The upside is lots of structure and consistency to your site, the downside can be too little flexibility and forcing web developers to work within the constraints of the system. which can cause some adjustment issues.

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